Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Yes its that wonderful time of year again. Crisp cold air waifting through the skies, scents of pine and peppermint flittering through the air. Laughter, singing hymns of Christmas and good cheer ringing through the streets....(screeching sound).......Oh wait, that's just in my own Utopian Society!

Well despite all the hectic stress and strife through the year, I truly find the Christmas season a time for reflection and a time to gird my loins for the coming year. I try not to pack on multitudes of pounds about my loins as my goal this year is to finally get the steps done to get my Lapband surgery. So...with that said, this is my reflection upon this past year and my hopes for the coming year.

First, I'm alive and still breathing and my blood pressure, my doctors tells me is AMAZING! Not a bit of problem there! I have a healthy heart. Which is good to know with as much as I feel it could burst at any moment given my state of mind or level of freakiness. I am still happily married, and even through all this craziness of especially the last 3 months of this year, have found a new level of appreciation and unabashed love for my wonderfully patient and understanding Prince Charming. He has held me several nights while I've sobbed in his arms, fighting a series of dark, world shaking depression and serious self pity. He has loved me and strengthened me. I know I would still be wallowing in the dark dredges of self loathing, if it were not for him. He is truly my Prince Charming.
Second, the Child and I have found a new level of understanding. She has achieved a new level of maturity. Its nice to see. She and I have found several things on which we agree and find enjoyable. We both love Chinese food, and she is learning to cook and loves to make rice and chicken teryiaki. So its a win win for me....except when I'm stuck with the Dishes.
Third, I have a pretty decent job. I have managed to remain employed now for a full 6 months. I am a faithful Cast member for the biggest production on earth, at the four-fingered, white gloved, hands of a tiny little mouse! Although this last week, I managed to be accosted by a garbage bag filled with 5 helium ballons, and smack my pargo (golf cart to those in Rio Linda) into a pine tree. The pine tree felt no damage. The pargo, my pride and my wrist suffered the most damage. The pargo will not be operational for a pride will now bear the moniker of Crash Test Dummy 2, ( apparantly I am not the first to have done this, so thus I am given Crash Test Dummy 2) and my wrist is on the mend, it doesn't even hurt when I move it anymore! I hope to only receive a Reprimand, which is what I have been told to expect. I will be able to keep my job....just might not be allowed to drive pargos for the next 6 months.
That's alright.
So, I still have my job, my stepdauthter's love, my husband's arms, my dogs adoration, my cats reluctant acceptance of human existance, my younger brother's safe return from war, and my new lemon Custard yellow, Chrysler, PT Cruiser. So, I think its working out allright.

Now for next year I can hope for world peace, althought I may just end up with Whirled Peas! But I can still hope.

For my family I hope we remain as loving as we have been this last 3 months. To my extended family, I hope that there is opportunity to see many of you, but I fear that won't happen for quite sometime, but I hope that everyone of you knows how much I love, miss and adore you. You certainly don't quite grasp the true meaning of what it is to miss someone when you aren't able to see then when the urge hits. I am so grateful to be living close to some family, my younger brother Larry and his beautiful wife and new precious adorable baby. Although, I am not able to see them when the urge hits all the time, cause they live 6 hours away.....
Its good for Crazy Aunt Lyn to have babies close by to spoil and to give Zerberts to!
I hope to in approximately 6-7 months be on my way to being half the person I am now..... Getting the Lap Band surgery. I am looking forward to being healthier and able to do the things that I would be able to do being half the woman I am today. The Child is fanatical about rollercoasters, and Busch Gardens has 7 and she has expressed a desire that when I am half the woman I am today, that we go on all of these rollercoasters together. She also thinks she'll be able to wear my clothes....Um...NOT!
I am also going to take a few days here in the first part of the year, they will have to days that I have off work, and create ALL of the birthday cards that I will need for the entire year, so that Not only will my family members and friends get the obligitory Happy Birthday call, they will also get a wittily created Birthday card! I appologize especially to my sister in law Hallie, she's been married to my brother Chuck going on 20 years now, and I think I have managed to remember ONE of her birthdays.....and its June 29th, as if its not close to my own on July 16th. I appologize to anyone else in the family, Olivia, Quentin, Shawn, Emily's kids, Jessica's Kids, Chuck's new daughters, My Prince Charming, for forgetting or failing to acknowledge your days of birth. I will strive to acknowledge all, this next year!
To all of my friends both gold and silver .....Thank you so much for you love and support. It is amazing to me how when you move away from the comfort of friends nearby, how much they mean to you when you move father away than next door or down the street! I am not blessed with the ability to retain friends for very long. I don't know if its because I am a transitory kind of person or if I'm just amazingly dull, but I don't have many friends, and those that I do have all live on the complete other side of the world or country. But I love and appreciate you all. It has been fun to re-gain the acquaintance of many friends, and I hope that these oldies but goodies keep popping up. How fun it is to remember the fun and joy of youth.

I pray that everyone has a Glorious and Magical Christmas Season. Sing the Christmas Caroles with a full heart and voice. Greet Everyone you know with "Merry Christmas" and smile when you say it. Remember that our Lord and Saviour is alive , He Lives and Loves each of us! Even if we don't realize, accept, or acknowledge it.
Be happy and have joy.
Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Well we had a very lovely All Hallows Eve in our delightful neighborhood......Let me tell you what happened.
First lets set the scene. Our house sits on a street that is called a loop, because there is a South Marklen Loop and a North Marklen Loop....we are in the first bend nearest South Marklen Loop. We have a reputation already of being the COOL Halloween house, because of My Prince Charming's talent in making things look, sound, feel, and sometimes even smell Cool. Halloween is My Prince Charming's absolutely Favorite Holiday. He has a wonderful talent, especially for making things creepy and spooky. So this year he had the front of the house all set up. We had previously made several gravestone markings, painted black, which My Prince Charming had set along the front of the house to the right of the front door, with colored lights on behind the tombstones. There was a Large Green and Black hairy Spider wired to the palm trees in the front of the front door, along with a lovely bloodied sign that says "Beware of the DOG" There were spotlights hung from the tree near the street, with a thing called a GOBO that made the light reflection look like a Cobweb. This was washing over the driveway where on either side were several large blue industrial size barrels. On the right, the barrel would spew forth water when a button was pressed. On the left was set 3 barrels, one looked as though something had burst out, with claw markings on several parts of the barrel, with a strobe light and when a button was pressed smoke would eminate from the barrel in a very eerie way. 2 stationary barrels sat next to this one. Then My Prince Charming had parked his Jeep as though he'd been forced into the tree to the left of the house. Then another solitary Blue Barrel set up beside the jeep. Directly infront of our front door, is where I was stationed, with the candy Box, and my selections of buttons. Then infront of me was our trailer in which My Prince Charming had placed our Mummy, making the Trailer resemble a horse drawn hearse. Then strategically placed between me, and the trailer was another blue barrel where My Prince Charming had placed a skull, chest cavity and skeletal hands in a barrel, and when another button was pressed this Skeleton would come out of the barrel, which was filled with water. My Prince Charming had procured a CD that had the most eerie, spooky and nerve tingling music, that was piped out through the length of the driveway. The scenery in place the character consisted of My Darling Daughter dressed in a Black, ripped and torn mid-calf length dress,( I think it was suppose to have been ankle length, but she didn't get the right size), White Wig, she had white face make-up and black lipstick. My Darling Daughter had a friend over clad in black pants with a black tee shirt, and donning a Red Sparkly hooded cape, also with white face and black lipstick. They would stand at the head of the driveway close to the street and startle the little trick or treaters who having walked past them to get to where I was with the candy, assumed they were just statues. My Prince Charming was dressed in a costume that he wore at our Family Reunion in Yoder in 2002. The Yellow and Red jester costume, complete with the costume's enormouse head in place, My Prince Charming has a device that when spoken into can distort the speakers voice to sound like a monster and an alien. My Prince Charming went with the monster selection on the voice distortion box. Together with a torn shirt over the body of the costume, and in one of his oversized 4 fingered gloved hands he held a woman's head that with her white stringy hair, and white face and bloody stump of a neck was quite a site. He was quite scary and well funny too! I was merely clad only in regular clothing, tan pants and an orange tee shirt and Winnie the Pooh ears. We had decided the kiddies deserved to be able to approach something kind, after being spooked while walking through the driveway, and as compensation for being scared silly after getting their candy.
We a wonderful time scaring and impressing our neighbors. We had several comments about how scary our place was and that we should win.... Win what we've never found out. Perhaps the furthering of the scariest house repurtation.
In the early part of the evening we had on our property a group of kids, 2 zombie princesses and a zombie elvis came through with their mother and older sister, who upon trying to exit our driveway were accosted by a crazed woman, her male companion, who had a little girl dressed as Belle, with them. The male companion was holding the crazed woman back from this group of Mother, 2 zombie princesses and a zombie elvis and teenaged daughter. All I heard was the crazed woman and male companion yelling and oscenties, all of the children crying, 2 zombie princesses and a zombie elvis and poor little belle. Then I saw shoving and pushing. At first, I thought they were just joking, but then the screams of "Call the Police" were yelled over after the male companion apparantly pushed the mother to the ground. So, I still being skeptical of this....hesitantly dialed 911 and requested the police to come to our house. While I was standing at the head of our driveway, at the street I was holding my cell phone, talking to the 911 operator and letting them know what the assailants were wearing and what was going on. The Crazed woman and her male companion continued screaming wildly at the mother and the teenaged daughter and their language was not becoming human kind. My Prince Charming Still dressed in his Zombie Jester outfit, and carrying the Severed Head, came to wher I was to see what was going on. But wearing the costume that he was wearing My Prince Charming isn't able to see very well. He began walking out into the street towards the crazed woman who was being held back by the male companion. My Prince Charming had become rather angry at the spectical these 2 less than humans were causing, and in front of OUR HOUSE! So with the Voice machine still on, and holding the severed head up high he yells to the male companion....
I was also not pleased at the time and finally the police showed up and sorted things out.
I went to work the next day and upon reflecting over this ordeal found it hysterical. What must that male companion have thought with this Giant headed Jester thing, coming at him with a severed head, screaming in a Monster sounding voice.... "GET OFF MY PROPERTY!!!"
My Prince Charming and I have had several good Belly Laughs about this. I hope you will also.
And I do hope that everyone had a Safe and Very Happy Halloween!

Stroking Out, Not just for the Elderly

So, my father in law, Bob, came out for a visit in the first part of November. We had a great time with him. We took him to Discovery Cove where he learned that he's got a stability problem. He was finding it difficult to stay standing in the water, but as a result of being in the water, his ears were cleared out and now his equalibrium is now stable.
My Prince Charming and I took Bob to Epcot. We thought of all the Disney parks this would be the most interesting for him, and the least we thought. We walked through the West Innovation Alley, and sampled some Coca Cola flavors from around the world....Italy has some nasty taste buds let me tell you! Bob is from the Greatest Generation of our country. He fought in World War II and in Korea. He was an independent photographer in the years after the war, until the mid 90's. He does have some amazing stories and he's told me a few.
When Bob lived with us in Colorado, he would occasionally let me or Mark know that he had had a stroke. I would eventually convince him that he really needed to go to the doctor and have them make sure everything was alright. So, he would call the doctor, and of course they would want to see him right away, and since I was the only one able to drive him, we would take an hour trip into Colorado Springs so he could make sure he was alright, and for the most part these were always just extremely milde strokes, where he experience moments of dizziness, or as he would describe he would forget what something as simple as a door knob was suppose to do and he would forget how to operate it. Not something I would feel very secure with. These episodes would upset me more than they appeared to bother him. But since he's been living on his own in Edinburgh, Texas, he's not had even the smallest problem.
We had just finally sat down to eat in the World showcase in China. Finally! I was starving, and was getting a bit frustrated with Bob, he couldn't decide where he wanted to eat. My Prince Charming and I were going to take Bob to Germany to eat lunch. Bob fought in World War II in Germany and we thought he might enjoy some German food. The world show case has 13 different countries that you can visit. The countries are set in a horseshoe around a nice lake in the middle of Epcot. We had to traveled (walked) through Mexico, Norway, China, and finally to Germany, when looking at the menu, Bob decides that he can fully recall the taste of German food and would rather eat at another country. He says anything would be fine....We continued traveling through Italy, America, and then to Japan, where when we had suggested eating in Japan he said sure, but upon arriving in Japan he informed us that he'd recalled once eating in Japan, during the war and having a "Not so pleasant experience" So frustrated we marched towards Morraco. Where he finally let us know that eating in China might be nice. Because I'm a diabetic if I get to the point where my stomach starts growling, this means I need to EAT NOW, and if I don't watch out cause my evil twin is mere Nano seconds from rearing her Ugly head. My Prince Charming knows this and squeezing my hand tells me everything will be alright. I headed towards the boat transportation that would move us towards China much faster than walking would have done. Except for the part where the dock is actually in ITALY and we have to WALK back through Germany to GET to CHINA! So Finally! We have after letting Bob know that the cute Chinese serving girl, probably has never heard the term " window shopping" in reference to looking over the menu, when she asks if we are ready to order. He mentioned that the toes of his feet were dragging in the bottom of his shoe. I asked him why his toes had begun dragging, he says "oh when I had my stroke." My Prince Charming and I exchanged an uneasy glance while My Prince Charming asks " when did you last have a have stroke?" Bob responds with a rather humourous nonchalance of "2 hours ago, when we were in the sea place." So after the initial shock of this discovery, Bob assures us that he's alright, now! We finish our meal, rather good I might add. Mark asked Bob the next time he decides to Stroke out, if he would please inform us so that we might either stop and let him rest and recover....or so we can leave and take him to the hospital.
I can't wait till Bob moves in! At the end of this Month!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Problems in Politics

So, regardless of what your political leanings, you have to admit there are SERIOUS problems with our current government namely the PEOPLE RUNNING IT.
From the huge war in Iraq and Afghanistan, to "global" warming, to Taxes, to Gas prices, to Immorality of our elected officials, to the constant bickering of the 2 large governing bodies. There is all this talk of being a government OF the people. But I think they only listen to themselves. Because if the Government actually Listened to US, the PEOPLE there would be alot of thing happening Differently in our Government. There would not be so much wasted time, bickering about who is a bigger Homophobe, or who is more Patriotic or who is actually a Communist, or Socialist. We would probably have MUCH lower Taxes....perhaps even a FLAT tax, there by elimenating the pesky IRS. There would be a CAR or other vehicle that actually ran on WATER or Garbage, because the private sector would have the monies available to them to afford to create inventions, rather that spending all their money on paying Taxes! IF they actually listened to us, the War in Iraq and Afghanistan would be funded, with out the name calling and mean spiritedness that is in Congress. There would be an better understanding of what our goals are, who our enemy is and our military would have no question as to where We as a People stood. If they listened to us, we would NOT remove the word God or image of God from our document, our building and our lives. The public displays of Godly works, such as the Ten Commandments, and the Constitution would not be so wantonly abused. We could celebrate CHRIST MAS and do so as a country. We would be encouraged by our Government leaders to Pray, to honor and to worship how we chose. We could conduct our individual lives how we saw fit, without the Government telling us what we can and cannot do, no Legislation would be made regulating what we eat, drink.
Listening to the current plethora of people running for President, which will be decided next year I have been asking myself the following: Who is the person that isn't already corrupted by Years upon years in the government? Who has the morality and courage to stand up for what is best for this country? Who has the intelligence and humility to listen to We the people? Who is going to best represent our family values and desires? I have not been able to listen to the "debates" yet, but have listened to the news and read articles on the web, I have my idea of who I'd like to see in the Presidency, but would that person actually be the best choice?
I just know there could be more done to better the country as a whole, not just the Few.
I think perhaps this is probably my most disjointed entry, but these have been some thoughts that I've had for a while and feeling powerless and silent, this is my way of being able to voice my opinion. For whatever that is worth. Maybe next time I spew forth it will be comical or even interesting.

Monday, September 24, 2007

My Utopian Society

In My Utopian society, there would be peace. Not as the world sees peace but how God plans peace. People would respect each other, show kindness without wondering how being nice to other people will benefit them. They would be kind because they want to be. They will give freely of themselves and their substances. They won't feel that they are judged on their out ward appearances. They are regarded as worthy due to their acts and how they treat others. Citizens of My Isla Ankh would feel free to worship how they please. They would be given the complete Gospel truths as taught by Jesus Christ, Jehovah, Muhammad, Budda, which ever name they wish to call God, and then they would be free to choose how they worship. Because in the end all beliefs will know the truth and we will all completely understand how we came to this place, why we are here, and fully understand the tasks we are to accomplish while living in our Isla Ankh. There will be strict guidelines for what happens with basic laws are violated. There will be no hesitation in the application of punishment. All Citizens will be given Free Will, they will be able to choose for themselves how to govern their own lives, but they will also be subject to the consequences if their actions are not according to the laws of Isla Ankh. There will be music, art, literature, poetry, sculpture, architecture, all aspects of the Humanities. The cities will be beautiful sanctuaries, for learning, for governing, for religious expression. The citizens will all be employed in whatever they choose. They will work for their daily sustanance. They will be paid fairly by their employer. There may be distinction in what people are paid, but according to their skill, knowledge and experience level. They will be encouraged from the earliest age to learn as much as possible, to achieve as high of accolades as they desire. If a person chooses not to work, they will not be given hand outs. If they are unable to work because of disability, they will have help in finding something they can do, something that helps them feel that they benefit society rather than hinder. If a person doesn't work because of sheer laziness, they will not be allowed the same benefits as the productive members of society. Everyone will be given the opportunity to find work, and it will be up to the employee to take responsibility for their livelihood, if their employer finds that they are slacking off or are hindering the efforts of the employer, they can be dismissed. Children will be taught to work, and given tasks to complete at a very early age. They will be able to experience play and development as necessary. They will be raised by their mothers and fathers. Since marriage and family will be a major influence, goal and source of happiness and joy for each citizen. The goals of the society will be one of Beauty, Happiness, Spiritual Development, Knowledge and Freedom.
But I am too much of a realist to know that a society like this could never be. There is too much anger, dissatisfaction, frustration. There is a sad lack of understanding, cooperation, and respect for others and for ones self. Some day perhaps, we silly humans, will realize our full potential and humble ourselves to our Real Reality, and find our way back to how we are suppose to behave. So for now my Isla Ankh will remain a fantasy world, for me to develop and nurture in my mind.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My Recent Absence

Hello To all,
I know that I haven't submitted a posting for a while, well for nearly 2 months. I have been recently re-hired by Mickey Mouse, and have been in classes and training for my position. I work as a front desk hostess for the Port Orleans Resort. I am enjoying my job, and truely do enjoy meeting people from all over the world. Its great fun for me and will surely provide a plethora of topics from which to write.
My Dear Step-Child returned from her summer with her Mother, and proceeded to break her wrist on a roller skating outing with a friend of hers, and has been home from school for nearly a full week. But now has her permanent cast on and is able to attend school, which is a good thing, because now she will shower and use deodorant daily, instead of whenever she starts to smell her own precious odor. Not believing My Prince Charming or myself when we point out the greenish haze that lingers near where she is.
So I am back, I don't promise to be writing daily but whenever I get the urge.
So long till next time!

Being A Step-Parent

So yeah, I'm a Step-Mom. I've been Stepping now for going on 7 years. I can tell you, its not an easy responsiblity. I love the child with all my heart and was so estatically Happy when we were granted custodial custody of her, meaning she came to live with my Prince Charming and me. I had grandiose plans, she and I were going to be best of friends, like my dear mother and I are, we were going to do girlie things together. Well those grandiose plans were soon dashed and have been replaced with just getting along. She is a Daddy's girl. They have a relationship that is very strong and well sometimes overshadows my relationship with my Prince Charming. I am a weak person and find myself at times feeling the nasty feeling of jealousy. I fight it and tell myself I'm a dork, and shouldn't feel this way, she's a child after all, I am the wife. But the ugly beast rears its head on occaision, and I sequester myself away in my room, to read my self in solace. But I do still love the child with all my heart. She reached the pre-tweens at age 9, and is still afflicted with the apathetic and laziness that inhabits many children of this awkward age. She is a wonderfully gifted scholarly child, she excells in school, which is a nice thing. She is a little awkward in her social graces, and has not a care what she wears.
Plaid and polka dots anyone?
But now I have an alli in my camp, her Mother. After the initial growing pains of having to deal with the Mother, and acting as the liasion between my Prince Charming and the person that he considered the Wicked Witch of ALL. She and I have calmed our silliness down, and have a common goal now...the Child. She is our focus, our hope and a might source for much laughter. The Mother and I are nearly friends. It drives the Child nuts to know that she can no longer use guilt or anger with The Mother or with Me. We talk often through email and on the phone and share experiences with the Child. The Mother has done serious damage control on my behalf. And we know the "Truth" behind the fantastical stories that the Child creates to wreck mischief. It is a huge relief to me that The Mother has seen the Child in her real light and knows that I am not a Wicked Stepmother, that is often portrayed in animated films. But that I do honestly have the Child's welfare and interest in heart and mind.
So to all the Stepping Mothers out there, take heart, the fight is long and hard, but worth it. If you can create an Ally in the MOTHER, you can be a united front and be a secure haven for the Child, no matter where she might be heading.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I Miss.....

I was musing the other day, about the many people I miss now. I understand that people come into your life for a particular purpose, to teach you something, to learn something from you. And without fail they do leave an impression on you. You know when they leave they are suppose to go, after the initial grief is over. This could be over a person that passes from your life and goes to another country, state, or even someone who has passed on from this mortal life.
I was born in Missouri, and lived in a nice neighborhood with a small grocery store that was just about a quarter of a mile away, if that. There were kids on the block that I was friends with. We moved away from Missouri when I was 11, to Denver, Colorado.
I miss the freedom of that childhood. I miss riding down the street on my bicycle, wind blowing my hair out behind me. I miss the times my mom would let us walk up to the store and spending 10 cents on candy. Its amazing that we were allowed to do that at 8 years old. These days you can't let your child out of your sight for even a second, because of the evil,disgusting people out there.
I miss my two girlfriends, Beth Smith and Teresa Thompson. I know they must have different last names now, I lost touch with Beth when I turned about 17, we would write but then life caught up and we didn't anymore. Every once in a while I hear from Teresa, and that is always such a wonderful encounter, but then life takes hold again, and we don't remain in touch.
I miss the job I had at an amusement park in Denver. It has moved to a more lucrative location, a big named company purchased it and made it bigger. But it seemed to have lost the romance and excitement of youth. I was a young teenager when I worked there, and my first series of boyfriends began there, Nathan Sorheim, Hunter Macklin, David Kish. Oh, the silliness of teen romances. I miss singing to Air Supply songs in my friend Beth Connor's car. I miss working doubles at the park and having her spend the night at my house, because we had a curfew at my house, we actually got some sleep. I miss hanging out with her and Justin Lang, Kevin Bisant, and Dave Evans. We had silly fun. I didn't know that I liked Ska music till much later. I've always known that I love most any song from the 80's. I miss the 2 people that I shared a locker with in Highschool, Jeff Lowe and Kathy Haddad. I have heard from a boy I went to Junior High and HighSchool with, Ted Struzeski, how nice to catch up, and how sad to hear of the people from our class who have passed on.
I miss playing sports on my Church's basketball, volleyball and softball teams. We were the best congregation/ward in the area. It was fun being part of the winning team. We lost plenty, but it was certainly fun to win. I miss going to Church dances with Amy Steck and having a competition of how many boys we could get to dance with us. I miss Blair Cecil and Jon Habedank.
I miss the girls I roomed with in my couple of years in College. The first year was especially significant. I miss Wendy Rogers, Elaine Van Orden, Peggy Watson and Rebekha Combs. I grew spiritually large that year, and learned alot about my self. I miss Peter Mortenson, Dave Crowder and Kent Smedley,and Mike Turley. These were true gentlemen and fun friends. The next year was off campus housing and another learning time. I miss Dawn and Rick Erickson and Adam Robertson, and Steve Tueller, Rod Steiner, Eric Anderson, Roy Johnson, Howard Nelson, I left at the semester break because I didn't have enough money to continue, but when I came back, I was lucky to be in the same apartment from the year before, but a different set of roommate, and I miss Deanna Menssen, Brenda Eames, Sorena Green, Brenda Smith, and even Teresa McClure. I miss the basketball team coming over at 2 am and waking us up, and talking about goofey things.
I miss the group of young adults I went to Church with in Arvada, Colorado. I miss Betty Parsons, Don Atwood, Eddy Hansen. I miss Joey Harmon, I miss Nancy.
I miss alot of the people that I met in Dallas, Texas. I miss Desiree Davis and her son Ross. I miss Elizabeth Bushman, Elise Peterson, Greg Richmond,Benny Haddon and Robert Knewstub, Cindy Szarek, Nick and Marci Gower, Graham Lloyd.
I miss our neighbors in Colorado, John and Karen Mclaughlin, Duane and Ester Burney, Kim and Wes Bollinger, Sue and Ralph Beckwith. The people after I became a wife are just as important to me as those who knew me as a single woman.
These are the people that I feel have influenced the kind of person that I am today. They taught me many things. Bittersweet, sad, happy, memories of experiences with each person. Joy, happiness, love and kind thoughts for everyone of these people.
I may have taught them something, I hope it was a good lesson, but even if it wasn't it was purposeful. There are many more people I miss, but I don't dwell on the feelings long....just bask for a moment in the remembrances that come.

And hey if you are any of these people....send me an email. I'd love to hear from you.

Yesterday was My Birthday

Since Yesterday was my Birthday, I Still have 24 hours to rant about it.
I turned 40. My Prince Charming called me 3 times yesterday to wish me a Happy Birthday. He told me my present would be a day with him at Discovery Cove, in August. He said he wished he could have done this sooner, but time snuck up on him. Those of you who don't know, Discovery Cove is an Anheuiser-Busch Entertainment Park. Along with Seaworld and Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay and soon they will be opening a water park in Orlando, directly across the street from Seaworld. Discovery Cove is where guests can have a private interaction with Dolphins if they wish. My Prince Charming took me to Discovery Cove on the first day of December last year. Here in Florida it is recommended to still swim in December, as it is kinda warm still. We had to best time!! They only let in 1000 people per day. Helps to reduce the stress on the marine animals. You can go swim with sting rays, the younger ones have their stinger thingy removed so they don't hurt you accidently. These animals related as closely to a Shark as you would want to be related, are so docile and curious. They swim around you and you can reach your hands down and touch them. They are very cool animals. Then you can Swim in the coral reef area, where with goggles you can see such beautiful and colorful fish. Its such a peaceful, and one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had.
I am looking forward to going with my Prince Charming.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Entering A New Decade.......birthday......

I turn a new age on Monday......yes Not the age I mention in my profile. This is a MAJOR age for me. It means I am no longer able justify anything I do, because I am now OLD ENOUGH to know better. I have finished my self assesment, I am generally satisfied where I am in life. There are definately things I could work on, and there are things that only time will take care of.
I am happy in my marriage, my husband is a kind, thoughtful and generous man, he is very patient with my insecurities and immaturity. I could go to Church more, but I read the scriptures at least 10 minutes a day, sometimes more. I enjoy and cherish the peace that that time brings to me, helps to keep me focused on what's truely important.
I am pleased that I can call my brothers and sisters and even sisters in law my friends. I love and adore my many nephews and nieces.
So, going into my new decade will be alright. My hair is its natural color, Strawberry blonde, no help from the coloring aisle at Wal-Mart. I don't know when I'll get grey, I'm sure I have some, it just must be very pale...Thank goodness. I don't have crows feet around my eyes, yet. I don't have wrinkles on my forehead or chin. I am certainly more overweight than I should be, but just as I didn't gain it all over night, its not going to come off over will be my major objective in the next several months.
I am please and content, for now.
Thanks Mom and Dad, for this 40th Birthday.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

My British Soul

I love America, I am so grateful to be in this country. So that said, I still have a British Soul. I asked my friend Richard, from the Kensington area of London, if it was alright with him if I declared this, he said" It's alright by me, me ole china." Which is "its okay, my old friend." I have said that my soul was British since about 1995 when I first discovered I could get online on AOL and chat with other anglophiles, as we are called. Then in the course of listening to my parents' journey through Family History lines I am finding out that I have a ligitimate claim to saying my soul is British. I totally envy my youngest sister's recent trip with her beloved to England, where she was able to dabble in the world of the British. Now I am told that my elder brother is venturing 'cross the pond for business.
I know what many words mean, and can certainly find out with a quick phone call to my friend Richard, who now lives in the US. I have often remarked that we should just annex eachother, but he reminds me that there is just as much hostility towards each other as there is good will....pity.
I love the names of many of the towns, one imparticular called Giggleswick, in West Yorkshire. Many British, that I meet in the course of doing my job, have never heard of Giggleswick. I mean really, how can any mean or evil thing be done or even thought in a town like Giggleswick? I love reading Martha Grimes' Richard Jury Mystery books. She's named each book after a particular pub in the town where a murder has occured, and Mr. Jury is sent from New Scotland Yard to invesigate and solve. I would love nothing to more to learn that there is a town called Little Piddlington, in Northants. Monty Python and the Holy Grail, is of course one of my most favorite movies, and I can be caught reciting lines from the movie at times that are requisite of a Monty Python phrase. I also enjoy watching the shows on BBC America. One of my Favorite has been Can't Cook won't Cook.
So there, This proves nothing, of that I am aware, but I do have a British soul.

Why Didn't they Accept?

I work at a very popular hotel associated with a very popular Theme Park in Central Florida. Recently a very large political affiliation held a conference at the Hotel/Conference Center where I work in the Business Center. This Group is called NALEO. This is the National Association of Latino Elected Officials. There was a very large representation of Democratic Presidential hopefulls, including Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Joe Biden, and Bill Richardson, to name a few. I am not a Democrat and was wondering, out loud even, where was the representation of the Republican or Independent Presidential hopefulls? I was informed, rather tartly, by the woman who organized this event that the Republicans had DECLINED their Invitations! I thought to myself....WHY? These are intelligent Latino people who are very influential or will be. Why wouldn't the Republicans want to attend an event where their view points and ideals are voiced? The Democrats were hooting and hollering like maniacs for their preferred hopeful! In my life time the hispanics that I have come across in my professional and personal life have for the most part been very conservative people. They are a strong family, christian oriented people. This convention had little or nothing to do with Immigration Illegal or otherwise. So again I ask aloud, Where was the Republican representation?

Why you Should Always Write Things Down!

Even in this world of everything Electronic, you should still WRITE IT DOWN! If you are a Busy, Irritated, and Easily Confused person, you will surely forget your name, the usernames of your 5 email accounts, not to mention the passwords, you will forget the airline confirmation number when you are speaking to Brad at the call center in New Delhi! Yes you will be using a ancient ink pen and the ***Gasp*** wood pulp, created paper. Of course you will then need to Remember where you wrote these things down and guard them with your life. I am only imparting this advice because I forgot the username and Password for my Original Blog. So now I've written it down in my trusty little notebook.