Sunday, December 14, 2008

Some of the Reasons I am really Stressed out.....

1. I, Good Queen Lyn can not drive up to Fort Walton Beach before December 16th to see my Princely Brother, His Regal wife, and their 2 adorable ankle biters, um...really beautiful children...before they are Shipped off to the distant kingdom of South Korea for 2 years or more.

2. My Prince Charming and I can't take off for a spur of the moment trip to Miami, which is Only 2 hours away!

3. My family is not able to go to see extended family who lives on the other side of the country, because we would not be able to drive it and remain sane.

4. My Youngest Queenly Sister had her newest beautiful, baby girl 4 DAYS AGO!!! I only found out about it TODAY, because I happened to check HER blog!!!

5. We never get to celebrate holidays on the actual date of the Holiday, because The Girl leaves to go to her mother's for these days....even her Birthday is celebrated at her mother's these days, so we have to celebrate either way early or Way Late. Though celebrating Christmas later is nice, because we can take advantage of "after Christmas" sales....but still....Its later.

6. My Father in law who I haven't "named" in my blogscope yet, is moving back to The Universal World of Whale and Mouse, though this time he will be living on his own, in his own dungeon, oops manor house, and not on my sofa.

7. Its cold enough to snow down here in the Universale World of Whale and Mouse.

8. I am suppose to have 3 days off each wonderful week, but since I am at the lowest end of the senority scale of the position that I have, I am FORCED into working 5 days. While I adore the overtime money, I am exhausted....Queen Lyn is not a wet behind the ears young Princess any longer People!!!!

9. I have only been able to see my sweet Prince Charming for less than 2 hours this last week, because he's working so much for the Whale, decking the beast out for the truely Blessed Holiday that we are preparing for, but is he Really the ONLY One who knows this much about SNOW machines??? I mean, hey that's fab if he is, but could the Whale cough up a nicer way to celebrate him....I could think of a few things that I would LOVE to do to celebrate the wonderfulness that is my Prince Charming!

10. I really miss my family right now, I miss spending Christmas with them.

11. I haven't been able to find THE best present for my Prince Charming, because He says he doesn't want anything....whatever that means....He's getting things, just nothing he has specifically asked for...cause he hasn't!

12. I have decorated very minimally for the Holiday, wish I could do more, but am not able because of Time constraints.

13. Having a difficult time locating an Eagle themed ceramic to paint for my nephew who has earned his Eagle scout award...You'd think Bald Eagle ceramics would be more readily available in a country where that particular bird is our national mascot.

14. I am feeling very hungry right now and should eat my breakfast, but wanted to get online to update things and check things that I haven't checked in a while, like this blog.

Okay, somethings aren't in my control and I'm alright with that, but it is still frustrating and stressful.

Untill Next time.......

Monday, November 17, 2008

Random Thoughts, Quotes, Nice Things I like to hear

Just some guidelines that I try to follow:

What goes around comes around
Love your neighbors as yourself
Do Unto Others as you would have them Do Unto you
You Reap what you Sow
By their Fruits, you shall know them
To whom much is given, much is required
Think before you speak
Love the Sinner, hate the sin
Watch your Portion size
Chew your food
Clean up after yourself
Be kind to strangers
Make New friends, but keep the old, One is silver, the other Gold
I'll be mellow when I'm dead
Jimmy Crack Corn and I don't care
Don't forget to Dance
You are only as old as you want to be
Walk softly, but carry a big Stick
Put on Clean undies everyday
Be Friends with your Family
Familes are Forever
Laugh Loud, Love Long, love Light
Love with your head and heart
If at first you don't succeed try, try again
May the force be with you
Live long and Prosper
Thank you
I love you
I like you
I miss you
Find Joy in Simple Things
Wear it out, Use it up, Find a new use for it
Live life to its Fullest
Say your Prayers
See the Forest and the Trees
Just a Spoonfull of Sugar
When you wish upon a Star
And they lived Happily Ever After
Take Care
Love always

I know there are more, but I am out of thoughts for now....Till Next Time, Have a Wonderful Day!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Epistle to Anyone.....

Dear People who take the time to read my Blog

Oh My Goodness! Its been such a very long time since I last wrote to you....
I've been really busy. The world going by like a buzzing blurr all around me.

On 9/11/08 I had the LapBand surgery performed. I am doing alright. The weight is coming off, slower than I expected but it it coming off. I have to remind myself that I did not put the weight on in one day, so the weight isn't going to come off like that. I have my Highschool Senior Picture displayed to remind me of how cute I was when I was thinner, and keep me motivated to regain that look, as much as I can. I have alread had one fill of the ring, but I think that I could stand a bit more saline put in the device. Portion control is the biggest key.

My sisters in law have added to the family totals....I now have 8 Nephews and 7 nieces, currently with one more niece on the way. I must say that I am very happy that these new souls have entered our family. It is my hope that I will eventually meet everyone of them. I have now 4 nieces that I have not met yet, and only 2 nephews that I haven't met yet. I love all of these children....miss them all so much, even the ones I haven't met yet.

I celebrated my first full year of working for the Mouse. I was given a really nice pin to wear on my name tag. Its brass, and is a depiction of Steamboat Willie. The Mouse's first appearance. I am enjoying my work still. I am working on getting myself off of the 3rd shift, so that I can actually have a family life. It would be nice to see my husband and stepdaughter more that for 1 hour or less each day. I have added to my skill set at the resort that I work, and am now more versitile in what I am able to do. Which does help the longevity.

My Prince Charming has been promoted to the Head Tech at the World of Whale. He received a very nice granite plaque, at a celebration of his 3 years with the Whale. He is currently working hard to transform portions of the World of Whale into a Winter wonderland. The Christmas movie " The Polar Express" comes to life in the venue which normally houses the Wild Artic, with many thanks to my Prince Charming. He is singularly responsible for much of the special effect work that has gone into the attraction. He is finally being recognized for his contributions. I am very proud of my sweet Prince Charming.

The Girl has entered the 8th grade this fall. She is already making great strides in her academics. She was selected to be Student of the Month for the month of September. She has done very well in all of her classes. She knows that this is the year that truely starts to "count" towards college. She is very serious about her grades and does a really good job keeping them high and impressive. Now the challenge lays in what she really wants to do. Does she want to work with animals? Or does she want to be an actor? Or does she want to be a scientist? So many choices. She is currently completely obsessed by Doctor Who, the British TV series, that has been around since 1963. Yes, its new and modern. The current Doctor is played by a brillant actor called David Tennet, his most recent companion was called Donna Noble, who is played by a very funny British Comediane named Catherine Tate. My Prince Charming and I also are fans of the show. He and I have enjoyed the show beginning in our teens, when the Doctor was played by an actor named Tom Baker. But the Girl thinks that Doctor Who is the most amazing thing! She has the names of the aliens and their planets nearly all memorized and is currently trying to learn the language of the Jadoon (aliens from Doctor Who). She wants us to plan a vacation to Cardiff, Wales so we can see the Doctor Who exhibitions that are there. The series is mostly filmed in Wales. There are worse things she could be obsessed with. I should count myself rather lucky, at least that is what my Prince Charming tells me.

I am working with a man at the World of Mouse, who is coordinating a Doctor Who convention to be held in Orlando in 2009. I am suppose to be acting as his assistant. We've got a very nice convention location in Orlando. We are also working on a "club" where people of similiar Doctor Who interests get together to socialize. We have organized a pre-convention event with a writer of many of the Doctor Who books, classic series episodes, his name is Terrance Dicks. We are having a night where he will be signing books, and cds, and talking to us about his work with all of the classic Doctors. It is already a sold out event. We are now planning another event to be held in April, with another keynote guest. I have not been told who this guest will be but once I know I'll let you know. The convention and subsequent events should prove to be very enjoyable as well as successful.

Yes, We have a new president, he will assume the office officially on January 20, 2009. I am not going to voice my opinion much, because I am not really sure what I could say. I am not encouraged. I do know that I plan on working actively to acquire another gun, and do all I can to remain employed. I will not engage in many political conversations with those who have opposing view points for a while. I don't want to have much contention with the opposing idealists. I do think that the land of the free and the home of the brave is in great peril. And am wondering how horrible living in Australia would really be, or where in America I can acquire enough land to house my entire family, safely behind a very tall and towered wall. Nuff Said!

I am finally doing more card making and am enjoying the fruits of my labors. I think my Prince Charming may be able to help me begin to actually "post" picture of the cards that I will make in the future. I haven't begun to paint again, yet. I haven't found my painting muse. Though the card making muse has been around lately. Thank goodness!

I know, I know....I am a horrible sister, because though I remembered on the day, at roughly 11PM that it was her birthday....I completely did not call her, nor did I create as good of a card as I would have liked. I hope that she will forgive me. I haven't spoken to either sister in more than a month of Sundays. I hope they will both forgive me.

My youngest Brother, Scott. I haven't seen for nearly 4 years....I will get to see this coming Monday. I have missed him alot. It will be nice to see him, and my parents, who will be coming with him.

Sure hope everything is well with everyone. Hope everyone is as happy and safe as possible. Remember to pray and remember who you are and where you come from. Remember to change your undies and eat a good breakfast. Stay Warm, and remember that I think of you often. Take Care of yourself.
Talk to you again Soon.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Update From Florida

Well I know its been a while since I last updated my blog. Too much drama or boredom really.
Things are going well for the summer. My Prince Charming and I are able to spend time together, because he changed his days off to coincide with mine. We've been going to Bingo game at the World of Whale, and playing miniature golf, and feeding baby aligators. We've tried some nice restaurants around our new neighborhood.

Oh yeah, for those that don't know, we have moved back to the Orlando area, about 1 mile from the World of Whale and about 6 miles from the World of Mouse. MUCH closer than living 45 minutes away....especially with gas prices. We began saving money on gas the first night I stayed in our new place.

Also on a more somber note, we did put my dog Kaela down. She had been suffering from severe arthritis in her back knee. She had been hit by a car (actually it was my RS president, who was at that time my VT) She wasn't hit hard, but her back leg was dislocated and apparantly did not heal completely. She was also developing cateracts in both eyes, and she was not able to hear normal sounds, if we wanted her attention we'd have to clap loud, whistle really loud or touch her. It was such a sad day. My Prince Charming came with me. We led her into the exam room. She was acting like such a puppy, so sweet. We got her up on the table, and the vet administered the didn't take very long. Almost too quickly. Which let me know that she was ready to go.
I was up by her head, cause she kept looking for me to hold her. They put an anethesia in the drug to help them relax. She was looking at me when her heart stopped beating. We were allowed to stay for as long as we wanted to say our goodbyes. My Prince Charming and I cried and petted our puppygirl and told her what a good girl she was and that we love her so much. I hoped that Bear was there to meet her. Along with Sonny, our horse that we'd had in Yoder.
I know that some of my family are not fond of hearing about some psychic things, but I know without a doubt that Kaela has come to me several times and let me know that she's happy and not in anymore pain. I dream of her often. I miss her very much. She was my best friend. I told her lots of things that human ears should not hear. She was my confidant and I always felt needed. She always wanted to be where I was, and was alway super happy when I came home. She was very intelligent and patient. Such a sweet dog.
She came to us as a stray, and left with pieces of our heart.
*** wiping tears away ****

We do still have our cat Dave. He's an only pet, for now. I have an unfulfilled promise of being able to get Zebra Finches....but not yet.

Makayla is with her mother in the panhandle of Florida. She is growing to be such a lovely young lady. She has matured alot and is learning to deal with her moodiness in a much more pleasant way. We are very lucky with Makayla, she is a self proclaimed nerd and likes science and math and finds our 80's music much more appealing than the current deluge of HipHop and other unsavory types of current music. She is currently very into Doctor Who. We finally have cable in our new place, and are able to watch the SCIFI, DISOVERY, SCIENCE, FOOD NETWORK, and other fun channels. She LOVES Doctor Who. She's even started, ( to my joy) reading books that the writers of the current series have put out. She wants to wear Converse brand shoes, because those are the type of shoes the current Doctor wears. She had found at her last school, students and teachers who are also fans of the current series. She wants to have posters of Doctor Who on her walls, and would love to have her room look like the inside of the Tardis, which for those who don't know, is the Doctor's method of transportation.
We will get her back a few weeks early, because she will be going to a New Middle school. Called Freedom Middle School. She's anxious to be able to wear regular clothes. The last school had a uniform and she was not able to express her Nerdy/Rocker/Girly self. She is a contradiction in fashion, let me tell you! Her mother is younger than me and has a more modern fashion sense than I, but both her mother and I have a much easier time putting together an outfit than Makayla. But surprisingly enough she's easy to shop with for clothing....for shoes that a whole other monster! This year will be interesting, and I am looking forward to it.

My Prince Charming has been promoted at the World of Whale, he is now the Head Technician. He is now being paid more to do what he's done all along. He loves his job. For which I am very glad for. He had a bit of a scare about a week ago, there was a rumor that the Busch family was in the works to SELL both the beverage portion AND the entertainment portion of the Anheuser-Busch Company. But by Monday they had decided NOT TO SELL!!! Yeah!

I am still employed at the World of Mouse and just completed training for a position in the resort operations area. Basically when I am able to do the position I will be getting an additional $.50 an hour. I am still working the Graveyard shift, in the capacity of front desk Cashier, but now I have to opportunity and training to fill in when the OPS person doesn't show up. I will be coming up on my First year anniversary with The World of Mouse here in the 2nd week of August. I also have one more doctor's appointment till I get my paperwork submitted to my insurance company for approval for my LapBand Surgery. Then I am thinking the surgery won't be until late September or October. I am very much looking forward to this. I have been trying to be diligent in watching my portion sizes and chewing my bites completely. Because with the LapBand, you are suppose to eat solid food after about 2 months....but you have to watch what you eat, you have a specific amount that the pouch will hold and it has to be nearly purred by chewing before you can safely swallow. I am attending a support group every month and am getting very nice suggestions and encouragement from Dr. Aguila and the patients that are also waiting to get the surgery and there are some who attend who have already had the surgery. I am feeling very optimistic about this new life that I will have. I am excited to become healthier and not be on so many medications for my diabetes.
That is all for now.

Happy After Fourth to everyone.

Monday, May 12, 2008


I am the oldest sister. I have 2 precious sisters. I have 4 brothers, 3 younger than me. My older brother is just 14 months older than me, my next brother is 5 years younger than me. My next brother is 11 years younger than me, and my youngest brother is 15 years younger than me. Quite an age spread.
Only one set of parents!
I tried to be a good older sister when we were all growing up. I know we had lots of fun when I was asked to babysit them all. We'd pretend we were singers in a band. We'd crank the stereo up, either on a local station or play my cassettes. It was the 80's so the music was Great!Everyone would pretend to play an instrument and we'd all sing at the top of our lungs. Or we'd play office, and set up a silly, walkie-talkie type, phone system that one of them had gotten for a birthday or Christmas. Or if I had to also make dinner I would make my special Hamburgers, that basically contained all the spices in my Mother's spice cabinet, plus some stuff from the fridge.
When My youngest sister she was diagnosed with bone cancer, in her right arm. I had, prior to this diagnosis, been praying for guideance about going on a Church Mission. I was 25 and still within the perimeters. I knew her diagnosis was my answer, I must stay home. Somehow I was needed. I tried to be positive and cheerful when I was with her. I honestly thought I was a nuisance most of the time.
She is my youngest sister.
I have a special bond with both of my sisters, each unique and special to me. We all bonded one Christmas. My entire family was at our grandparents home in either Missouri or Oklahoma, I can't remember which. They were my father's parents.
My Grandfather had gotten a very large amount of Shrimp. My Grandmother made an amazing Chocolate cake, like she always did. We gorged on Shrimp and Chocolate Cake. Most likely other things as well, but those were the food items I most remember. We were young so, it wasn't detrimental to us.
Us sisters to sleep in the same bed in the basement of their house. We had to sleep in age order, of course. So Emily, my next sister is in the Middle, and Jessica, the youngest is on the other side of Emily.
Through the course of the night, Emily got sick. She couldn't get out of the bed, cause she had a sister on either side. She threw up on me, then I threw up on her. Then she threw up on Jess, and Jess threw up on Her. We laugh till we cry about this now. We've had many bonding experiences but that is by far THE funniest! Jessica won't eat Shrimp or other seafood to this day.
I am 9 years older than my youngest sister, Jessica, she looks like me, in that she's got blonde hair, which is her natural hair color and blue eyes.
I am 8 years older than my middle sister, Emily, I've always called her Jemily or Jemmy. She's our brunette Beauty, she has beautiful brown eyes and always had silky long brown hair, she looks the most like our beautiful brunette Mother.
When Jessica was diagnosed, and during each surgery I was angry, scared and worried beyond belief.
It was my duty and responsiblity as the oldest sister to be one that got the illnesses and pain, I was suppose to be the one who had to die, if necessary.
I didn't know why my sister had to go through this.
I have never thought she was broken. I could never imagined how this was going to change her life, forever.
I prayed more than once, for a way that I could be the one to have the cancer, just so she wouldn't have to be in so much pain. I also prayed continually that she would survive.
It hurt so much to see her suffer, I would have done anything so that she didn't have to hurt. I wished I could yell at the people that she had looked to as friends, that began to treat her differently.
I have never wanted any of my siblings to be in pain. When we were younger, and they would get in trouble, I would go to my room, and cry for them, when they'd get spanked. I'd always try to get the to stop crying.
I am so grateful that she is a survivor, that she is a fighter, that she is amazing. She is so strong, and so brave!
Both of my sister are! They have no idea how much I pale in comparison. They are both so faithful and fearless. They both are so amazingly beautiful and talented. They both have the most beautiful children. They are such incredible examples to me on nearly everything.
I am so incredibly blessed to have these beautiful women in my family. They are the best of my friends, and have been for 31 and 32 years.
I miss them so much. I miss the giggle fits. I miss being Girls with them. I hope they both know how much I love them, and how much their friendship and sistership (I just made that word up) means to me.
Iif I made you cry, I'll appologize, but now my work here is done, for that was my intention.
I love you, Jem & Jess!

Contemplating Mortality and Posterity

This seems a bit of a deep Topic, and I suppose it is. But I have had this contemplation on my mind for a very long time.
First a bit of background.
I have always wanted to be a mother, to bear children and raise a family. I actually wanted several children, 6 would have been alright with me. More than totally due to the fact that I have the most incredible Mother in the whole of the Universe. She is beyond mere words in how much she means to me and how much I admire, and adore her.
Did you know it Really is all on God's Time? I Know this. I was promised that at the "right time I would find a young man to whom I can be married for eternity in the Temple."
I did not married until I was 33. I did find out at the age of 29/30 that it would be very difficult for me to have children. The doctors at that time did not like to say Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrom. But I am a classic, have all the symptoms. I was engaged to a wonderful man at the time, who said that's alright, we will adopt a whole litter. He passed away before we could work things out to get to the marriage stage. Wow, felt like an eternity after Robert died, then I found my Prince Charming. But find him I did. He has a beautiful daughter from his first marriage. I fought right along side My Prince Charming for custody of The Girl, and we won. What a wonderful day that was, and what a learning experience this has been for me, learning how to be a mom. Did you know there aren't guidebooks to help? I became a Stepmother, and I love her with every fiber of my soul. I wish she was mine completely.
But even while I am her Stepmother, she's not related to me. She has a mother. When she gets married and starts her own family, she's not my flesh and blood. Her children will not be related to me. Oh, I'll continue to be the kind of mom that I am, which after all isn't so scary. I know I will love The Girl's children as much, and probably more, because I'll be able to spoil them and send them home all hyped up on sugar.... Haa haaa.
But the hugest realization came to me this last week, well its been there forever....I will never have my own children. I will not go through the pains of child birth, I will not get to watch a unique person develop. I won't be after this mortal shell is empty.
I didn't want to think I cared about this. I wanted to think and believe that this was going to be alright with me. It is to a point. May be I'm being selfish? Or just plain weird. My genes, however screwed up they are for me, won't be passed on. There won't be another adult with my DNA coursing through their veins.
It really boils down to this.
I won't have anyone to remember me.
I won't have generations of mortals who tell tales of Grandma Lyn, and how she lived through the 1970's, the 1980's, the 1990's and through the turn of the Century. I won't have any mortal that has my mannerisms. No one beyond me is going to frantically blink their eyes when they are intensely describing something, or passionately defending someone. I won't be passing any of my Mother's strong teeth genes on. I won't have a child that has the same neck as me and my mother. I won't be passing on my ample bosom, or my lack of a behind. I won't be passing on Father's blue eyes. I won't have a child that looks like me. I won't have anyone who looks like my Dad, my mom, or any of my Grandparents. I won't have anyone to take care of me when I get too old and weak. The Girl promises she will take care of me and My Prince Charming. She's adorable, did I say that.
There won't be anymore me.
My Mother's life was spared when I was in her tummy, so that I could be born, she told me that I was special, and she knew I had something important to do. What else is more important than bearing children under the covenant? I don't want to be a dissappointment to her, I couldn't bear it if I were. I wish I could get an addendum to my patriarchal blessing. But that's not its purpose.
While I was contemplating these truths, there was a whisper...."What about in the eternities?" Though that thought brought a bit of comfort and reassurance, my mind instantly tuned into the "What Ifs". My Prince Charming doesn't like to deal in "What Ifs" he deals with the "what nows".
Some of my biggest "what ifs", are....
"What if, my Prince Charming and I don't have an eternal marriage. You know its not a Guarantee, its not a free pass when you do manage to get married in one of God's Holy Temples.
"What if," I live and make it to the celestial Kingdom, but for some reason My Prince Charming doesn't or I don't?" Do we get a "Do over" with another mate? Do we get to choose that other mate? I am trying to do my best to live like I am going to the Celestial Kingdom, but I'm human, and very imperfect. My Prince Charming has an interesting view of just how merciful our loving Heavenly Father is. I know He is merciful as long as I've done all that I can, through being a decent person, obeying the commandments, shared the gospel however I can, attended Church as regularly as possible, and keep myself Temple Worthy. I suppose I am being a bit too hard on myself, and I know we must endure to the end. And right now that might be a very long time, or not so long after all. But I guess the point is to always be prepared for the Judgement day. (I wonder if They will go alphabetically?)
I don't know if other women feel like this, if they either choose or are not able to bear children. Its always the male that usually bears the stigma of not having a son to carry on their family name.
Any way, that Me contemplating Mortality and Posterity.
For the record, I am so immensely excited and thrilled that I have not one but 2 sisters-in-law who are expecting, as well as one of my own sisters! I always fall so much in love with my nephews and nieces, and there are some that I have not met yet, and may not meet for some time. But I love them regardless. They are as important and dear to me as my own children would be.
I am immensley grateful for my entire family, extended, adopted, stepped, and otherwise. I would never trade my space in that family. I love the little family that I have. I love my stepdaughter and my Prince Charming. They are so incredibly important to me. I just wish I could see everyone all the time.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Her First Broken Heart


Its been 1 day since he broke up with her. She came home from school, her daddy picked her up. He could tell something was amiss, her smile, her silly hyper active nonesense babbling, missing in action. Daddy knew the truth. He broke up with her.

The Girl had a boyfriend, at 13, I know how young is she! His name was/is Dustin. My Prince Charming and I actually met the boy. He was very polite, nice looking young man.

When The Girl came home, I inquired as to the nature of her day, and when she said, don't ask and don't make fun of me. I didn't. However my Prince Charming let me know. I was in the process of getting ready for my Graveyard shift at the World of Mouse. When I was finished, and the Girl hadn't emerged from her room, I went in. The scene broke my heart. Her room was mildly in disarray....actually clean in her terms. She was sitting on the edge of her bed, Her head in her hand, hair hiding her face, quietly crying. I went to her side, and held her. I told her that I was sorry she was hurting and that I would never make fun of her when she is hurting. I told her that breaking up with someone you care about is always painful, but that this wouldn't be the first and certainly won't be the last, and that I would always be available to hold her when she cries. She leaned against me and cried somemore. I just let her cry, and told we agreed that boys are just stupid.

We as parents are of course mean and the cause of this break up, because we are moving to the Orlando area very shortly. So, after all there has to be something else to blame. And I'll accept that.

I had to leave to go to work. I left the Girl to cry it out. I quietly kissed my Prince Charming good-bye for the night, then suggested he take her out for icecream. Nothing, and I mean nothing besides perhaps LOADS of Chocolate can cure a broken heart like Ice cream. I suggested that he try not to make her talk, as this was a moment only women could truely understand. My Prince Charming is just that. He took her to get a shake, and he reported she actually smiled by the trip back home.

Today when I left for The World of Mouse, she was actually laughing. So all is getting better.
The Sun will still shine, for now.

I recalled the first real cry I had over a boyfriend. But I'd broken up with him....He was pressuring me to do things that I was not prepared or ready to do, so I decided he needed to go. I remember crying as I threw his class ring back at him, and I remember crying as I drove home from his house, and I remember crying in my own mother's arms. Thinking the world had ended, and I would never find love again. I was 17, and silly. I've had many broken hearts since then, and I dare say I broke a few.

Ahh, the bittersweet memories of my stupid teenage years!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yellow Things, Metal Cages with Wheels......the Saga Begins

So, we all know now that I work for The Mouse. I work in such a role as I greet guest to their choice Lodging at the World of Mouse and then bid some travelers a fond farewell, others are bid an even fonder good riddance.
I find it Amazing that there are those mere mortals among us who consistently believe that The Mouse controls every aspect of what goes on in the World of Mouse. It is beyond my comprehension why grown adults can possibly believe and demand we are in the wrong when we state that it is not true that The Mouse does NOT indeed control the weather. There are times when guest to our World of Mouse baffle me beyond words. They come expecting grandiose things that even mortal humans cannot achieve but The Mouse can.
The Company of The World of Mouse is a wholey human organization, run by humans, manned by humans and most of the illogical gears are thought of by....humans. The Mouse is merely an icon, kind of like the Wizard...who lives in the Emerald City. "We're off to see the Wizard...."
It would be a wonderful thing to read and also comprehend any literature that might come the way of a guest who is intending on departing the comfortable bubble of their home to venture to the World of Mouse.
It would be a SMART thing to pack in a seperate bag all those essential things...
oh say......PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION, allergy mediciation, Asprins, diapers, diaper wipes, some simple snacks or money to purchase simple snacks...oh and maybe some simple toiletries like Contact Lens Solution, an extra pair of glasses, deordorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, all of these things have been cleared to bring, if you prepare them in the prescribed way that the Federal Government has recommended...oh yes and please add PJ's for all in the family...perhaps even an entire change of clothing for each person. One might thing to even put extra Money, along with any literature that the World of Mouse might have sent to your comfortable bubble of a home. If you must check your other luggage, be intelligent. Pack a carry on bag for each person in the family, if need be, so there won't be the frantic anxiety attack when your luggage hasn't gotten to your place of lodging within the World of Mouse. If you choose to have the convenience of inconvenience of the Magical Mouse Express...there are somethings you might need to know...and they are.....
The Magical Mouse Express has to work in coordination with the Federal Goverment Regulations for luggage dispersal. The luggage that you check at your departing Airport is retrieved IF the Appropriate Notification Marking is attached to your luggage....the YELLOW Thing, for a more simplified term. A Federal Government worker of dubious origin is then instructed by the Magical Mouse Express to gather all those pieces of Luggage that Has the Yellow Thing on them. Then a Federal Government worker of dubious origin then herds these luggage pieces with Yellow Things on them, to a corrall of sorts where Another Federal Government worker of Dubious origin, scans the luggage with yellow things, then they are separated by places of lodging within the World of Mouse, once they are separated they are then sequestered into Metal Cages equipped with Wheels. These Metal Cages equipped with Wheels are then loaded onto white Vans, where they are taken to the Places of Lodging witin the World of Mouse. Once the white vans arrive at the specific places of lodging with in the World of Mouse, they are once again scanned and then they are released from the Metal Cages equipped with Wheels, and they are separated into a scheme devised by the manager of the specific place of Lodging. Where the Luggage with the Yellow Things are then distributed and hopefully re-united with the humans to whom they belong. This whole series of events can and does take any where from 3 to 5 hours from landing to reuniting with guests. This is best case scenario.
Sometimes there are things that even our Mouse's four fingered hands can not control. If for some chance there is Rain....remember the Universal World of Mouse and Whale is located in a semi-TROPICAL area of the contiguous United States, which means that it rains, and with rain comes Lightening. And when Rain and Lightening mix, they can cause havoc, nay even death when Federal Government workers of dubious origin are made to work in such volatile conditions. So the Federal Government workers of dubious origin are not allowed to work when there is Lightening. So this would set the arrival of luggage to the places of Lodging within the World of Mouse back a while. Also there is this other thing that is to be considered....TRAFFIC. The place of arrival into the Universal World of Mouse and Whale is not located close to any specific place of lodging within the World of Mouse, and there are other people in the Universal land of Mouse and Whale. But that is another topic in the list of what must be discussed.
But if you've been a considerate guest you will have read the literature you did receive from the World of Mouse, and you would have thought logically and had packed for each member of the party a carry on bag.
So you can happily arrive at the lodging of your choice within the World of Mouse, ready to embark on a week or more filled with laughter, wonder and family togetherness, and you won't be reduced to spitting sniveling Blob of quivering rage, where you are only embarrassing yourself in front of your impressionable aged children when you screech and hurl those unkind nay even nastily barbed epitaphs at the kind hearted souls who are just trying to do their job and wish you a kind welcome into the World of Mouse. Its not her fault. She didn't savagely wish some sort of mishap with your luggage, why would she? Be warned....If she wanted she can cause your entrance into the World of Mouse to be hindered.....just wait and see.
.....Next time..... How to be a Welcomed Guest, while AT the world of Mouse.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Orlando Shakes, Rattles and Hums

On this last Wednesday, which was the 16th of April, I was very lucky to have been invited by a fellow Mouse slave to attend a play at a theater in Downtown Orlando. The Play was written by Mr. William Shakespeare and was the play that is commonly referred to as "The Scottish Play". Because due to some Horrid curse one can not speak the title of this play with out then spitting over their shoulder and knocking three times on wood and walking around in a circle. Yes, I know that is all incorrect, but I haven't the playbill with me so that I may authentically quote the superstitions behind this particular marvel of Mr. Shakespeare. The play was done in the classic style of Shakespeare and the theater was done in a round setting. With the Stage being a Huge ROUND object in the middle of the room. I found this style of theater to be most adventagious to seeing and hearing everything. We were very close to the actors and were able to see their faces clearly as they delivered their lines. The scenery was plane, nearly non-existant, the costumes were, pleasantly enough, Kilts and swords. The 3 witches and scary faces were in deed objects of horror and delightfully rendered. The Kilts were delightfully worn. Did I mention the men wore kilts...The Scottish blood in me was proudly racing through my veins. I like men in kilts....I think Prince Charming will need to be fitted with such an outfit. Regardless of his Austrian heritage...Kilts are nice on men with nice legs.
uh.......oh yeah!
I thought the play was done most admirably. The majority of the cast were very handsome and attractive and delivered their lines with confident precision and robust passion. You felt the anguish of the characters when they discovered members of their families had been brutally murdered, the betrayed by beloved comrades. The lead was portrayed by a man named Ian Bedford, who after googling his name found that he has been on a few episodes of Law & Order: SVU, One Life to Live.
I had to recall the first encounter I had had with Mr. William Shakespeares works. In the basement of our house on 32nd Avenue, in Wheatridge, Colorado, we had a very nice selection of books, Reader's Digest Condensed Versions of many works of mid 20th century Fiction, as well as classical works including those of the Baird. I believe I was either 12 or 13 when I stumbled across a book, wherein I read several passages. I seem to recall the play that I read was that of Hamlet, and I was reading an exchange between Hamlet's friends Rosencrantz and Gildenstern. Even at that young age I was well versed in sarcasim and wit, and found the words to be very humorous.
The first play that I had ever seen of Shakespeare in a Theater setting was in Dallas, Texas at the Shakespeare Festival of Dallas, where my brother Tom and I saw The Merchant of Venice and on another occaision saw Othello. There hasn't been much opportunity to attend the theater in my recent past, but something that I do believe I will have to incorporate into my life again.
Did I mention the men were in Kilts?

Friday, March 28, 2008

My Country Tis of thee.....

So, I was talking to an acquaintance at the World of Mouse the other day. This person's political leanings are allegedly towards the Republican/Conservative view. But I have found a very serious rift in this particular person's arguments. We were conversing, as we have in the past, about the dilemma of the current status of the up and coming political season, well its well into the season coming on over a full year.
(Cue orchestra...)
I was eager at the beginning of the season at the prospect of a man electing into the prestigious office of President of the United States of America, a Man of integrity, patriotic strength and wisdom, with the backbone to fight for the foundation on which it was found. I was very pleased at the opportunity to have a new choice, a clean start, a new beginning. I was looking forward to listening to debates, hoping the candidate of my choice would always elect to take the high-road, the righteous path(Stop the Orchestra!)
....but alas *** sigh ***....He's not running any longer....Whatever that was all about....Suspending the Race....GET BACK IN!!!!
But there is one point, one topic, one stance that I find should be a solid one if one is to call themselves a Republican/Conservative...okay there are many...but one that I have a big disagreement with this fellow "Republican" at the World of Mouse, Immigration/English Speaking in the United States of America.
This is entirely MY opinion and one I feel rather strongly about.
We should NOT allow people of any nationality to remain in this country, if they are here illegally. They should be enticed or forced to leave the country, but then return, should they chose, through the Legal and Proper channels. I am certain if they were able to find employment and gather references (ie; friends, employers), while they were in this country working illegally, those people would perhaps sponsor them to return LEGALLY. If they are so desperate to be in this country, to partake in opportunities that they can find here, they can do so, legally.
Once in this country they should be encouraged to learn enough ENGLISH to conduct business whether personal or in their employment.
If I were to move to Italy, or Spain, or even Luxembourg, I would be expected by that countries government and citizenry to LEARN their language, so that I can communicate, and be productive.
Why is OUR country is made to be the Bully when we would require the SAME RESPECT? Why are our government officials, senators, congressmen, governors so consumed with people "liking" us, who's approval do we need? Why do the "celebrities", and government, individuals that WE THE PEOPLE elect, or determine through patronage of music,film or other avenues of entertainment, whether they be successful or not, tell us we are ignorant, or even Evil if we are Patriotic and want to PRESERVE our Country's sovereignty?
Yes, our country was founded by many different cultures, and many different languages have been used to create the language ENGLISH, which we speak.
My fellow Mouse worker, who's family is from Puerto Rico, a United States Territory, does not feel this way. He feels that the United States of America should have signs posted in every language of the world, to make it convenient for others to get about. That every American should be required to learn other languages, primarily Spanish. Not only is that impratical, although Many Americans do CHOOSE to learn other languages, but it is not a Requirement for productive living in AMERICA, nor should it be! I try to point out the excessive expense in signage, wasted monies spent on a task that would be too TAXING, and where monies would be better spent on National Defense and perhaps an ENGLISH Language class for all
non-ENGLISH speaking LEGAL Immigrants.
He was snarky to point out that perhaps my ancestors may have also had to Immigrate to this country. I assured him they did, but they were able to speak ENGLISH before or soon thereafter. He wanted to know when my ancestors had arrived in this Glorious country, and I proudly announced that My Ancestors have been in this Righteous Country since BEFORE the Revolutionary war. He dismissed this as being of no value,
because his retort to me was "what about the Current Revolutionary War." WHAT?
I quickly bit my lip, and excused my self from his presence.
Cause I needed an Industrial Size roll of Duct Tape!
But the Revolution that I think he may be mistaking will be the one where the Majority of the LEGAL Americans will revolt against so MANY Illegal Aliens inhabiting a country they have no respect. They disrespect the country they Chose to enter Illegally, they show it in the utter contempt they have for her by remaining an alien in attitude, and even by lack of citizenship. If you respect something you show that respect by abiding by rules, dare I say LAWS, whether it be a person, Religion or Country. You cannot show your respect for something if you disregard the Foundation of that person, Religion or Country as antiquated or out of touch. You cannot love or respect a person, Religion or Country if you fight against it and by doing so you are actually fighting against your own Freedom. How can you say you want freedom, even after you have physically removed yourself from that which was binding, if you do not also mentally, emotionally, throw off that which held you bound ....the tyranny, the oppression, the poverty, of the person, Religion or Country from which you have fled. It is Disrespect that there are floods of Illegal aliens sneaking into our beloved United States of America, likes thieves in the night, and then in broad daylight demand that WE THE PEOPLE conform. They chose THIS Country. Risking their families and in many cases their lives to be here, why not do it the LEGAL way?
The United States of America was once called, and I suppose could still be called, the "Great Melting Pot." A melting pot....what does that conjure up? A Humongous, Gargantuan,
Cast-Iron Kettle full to the brim with Hot, steamy, aromatic Stew. Bursting with Hearty chunks of Potatoes, Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic, Corn, Carrots, Celery, Peas, Chicken, Beef, Pork, Lamb, etc. All mixed together creating a rich, savory, Fufilling meal. Each ingredient enhancing the others, bringing all the individual flavors out, but mingling in a pleasing, very tasty way to satisfy, and benefit all who CHOOSE to partake. You don't lose the individual flavors of the ingredients, they each retain their best and most beneficial qualities.
I hope my fellow World of Mouse worker, will learn, because he is a young person, to respect, and savor the country that he calls home.
I love this country, and it causes me great distress to see it disrespected so meanly. Our Country is worth so much more than we are aware. The very foundation inspired by Men and Women, who Loved and Respected God, who loved and respected families and who loved and respected Freedom. Those men and women prayed, fought, demanded and even died for its endurance, and for respect for that Freedom. They also saw the potential of this country to be a haven for others, but through the LEGAL Way. There are many who still feel as strong. I know I do.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Wonders that are the Internet and This blog...

It is amazing to me the things that are beginning to happen in my life because of this internet and this little thing called a Blog. I don't kid myself to think that anyone would even read this on a regular basis. I know my sister and sometimes my Mom reads this spot. So I try to write things in which they might be interested.
But I have been able to connect with others and through the power of just putting a person's name into a search engine I am able to find someone who until recently had been basically lost.
It is too easy to lose touch with important people when life just gets in the way, you move, they move, circumstances change, friends just get lost.
I recently imput the name of an old friend of mine into Google, and Voila, I was able to make contact with that person, and catch up with them, and include them back in my world.
I am reminded of a phrase that I learned in Brownies and I think my Grandmother might have told me this also, its simple. It goes...
"Make new Friends, but keep the old, One is Silver and the other Gold."
My Dad always made a big deal about calling some one a friend. He was right. There are requirements that need to be met before a person can be called a friend. There needs to be a mutual respect. There should be some level of similiar interests. There needs to be a high level of trust, would this person stand by me in times of sorrow as well as in good times.
I know that certain people have come into my life through its vastly different stages for specific purposes and I also know those friendships can be everlasting.
I have always cherished each person that's come into my life, because through them or because of them I've learned more about myself, whether good or bad and as a result I have grown and become who I am. Their influence, support, love and kindness has been my sustanance. I may have not had the maturity or humilty at the time to let them know how important they were to me. I hope they know.
I've lost enough friends through death to know the value of letting my thoughts and feeling be made known, without embarrassment.
It is a wonderful gift to add back to my treasure chest those pieces of gold and silver that I thought were lost.

The Scents of Springs

Ahhhhh, inhaling the air in Central Florida at this time of the year can cause a myriad of results. The Orange Blossoms are once again blooming. The orange trees are blooming a little waxy blossom that is deceptive in its size for the largeness of the scent that it produces, and then become beautiful globes of orange heaven.
The scent is undiscribable. There is a heavy, perfumy, heady, overpowering, sensual, nay even erotic scent of Orange Blossoms.
We live in a town where we are surrounded by Orange Groves and it is with sheer delight that I drive through the street with my windows down, so that I can fill my car, my hair, my sking with the scnet.
When I first had the experience of smelling Orange trees in spring bloom, I was overcome with ..... was a sense of unabashed delight...even elation. The scent is overpowering at best. It is absolutely glorious!
There aren't words adequate enough in the languages that I am familiar with.....English, to describe the scent completely.
It is by far one of the truely wonderous reasons that I am very pleased to be living in Central Florida.


So, My youngest sister decided to TAG me in one of her Blogs on her DUCKDUCKCOW blog. Her Tagging requires me to exhibit the contents of my Purse to the unsuspecting Public at large. Now, This was suppose to include visuals, such as photos to back my claims up, but as I am still residing in the very early 90's in regards to having the ability to show photos online.....I am reduced to Verbal descriptions of the contents of my personal luggage system.
Oh you may laugh, nay even scoff.....I do carry Luggage with me daily.
My Bag on the nights that I am working for The MOUSE, is literally just that a Bag. It is Black and Yellow with a nice rubberized logo of the Resort for which I work for the Mouse. There is a velcros handle for carrying by hand as well as a nicely padded shoulder strap for those days when my hands are other wise occupied. The bag is approximately 15 inches long and 9 inches wide with a very large capacity in the main compartment, in which I have the following. A pair of Black Reboks, a pair of nude knee high stockings, a blue skirt that I wear while costumed at work for the Mouse, along with the lovely button up blouse that has poofy short sleeves, in a cheery plaid, consisting of green, red, pink and white plaid hatchings with a simple pinkish tan base color. I also have my Mouse issued sweater, 3 ball point pens in black ink, a silver head band that hurts and gives me a headache when I wear it, an AC adapter, charger for my Nintendo DS, my Nintendo DS in its Grey case, a little love note from my Prince Charming, a cuticle tool, a manicure case, a packet of Splenda, a magazine insert card from Martha's magazine. LIVING (Martha's Magazine). THEN on the outside of the bag are 3 other pockets, in one pocket I have my makeup, which consists of my eyeliner pencil from MILANI in a Brazilian Brown color, and my eyeliner felt tipped marker in a Dark Brown by Physicians Formula, my wide toothed comb which is a clear plastic purple with a broken tooth, my Physicians Formula eyeshadow called Amber Minerals, my foundation which is also Physicians Formula Mineral Wear in Translucent Light, my Physicians Formula Mineral wear Blushing Glow Blusher, my CoverGirl Volume Exact mascara in Brown, my CoverGirl Pressed powder compact in Natural Ivory, my Natural Beauty lipstick in SugarPlum Fairy, and finally my CoverGirl WetSlicks lipgloss in FireFly. Then in the 2nd Pocket I have my black cloth wallet which has more receipts than money in it. My Purple Checkbook with Pooh Bear with checks that I don't use, my 2 year pocket calendar which has cute kitties on the outside, my little blue notebook where I keep information like my passwords, family email, and some tasty reciepes, 2 more pens. THEN in the very outside pocket which is fastened with one little piece of velcro...there is my calculator, a package of Extra winterfresh gum, some receipts that didn't make it into my wallet, that all need to be input onto our sales tax spreadsheet, some loose change, more packets of Splenda, some packets of Non-Pseudo Sinus Decongestant and that is IT!
Now when I'm not working I have 2 purses that I carry, not at the same time.....Please. The one I prefer is my little cream colored leather purse, which I have been told is a "COACH" but There's not a label on it anywhere. Its got a cute little gold toggle that holds the flap shut. Its got a long strap that I can loop around my neck. I normally take out what ever cash I have from my wallet, my debit card, my license, a pen, my Calendar, a lipstick and powder compact, car keys and my new slimmer cell phone which are pretty much all that can comfortably fit. THEN there is my bigger Brown bag that I can fit pretty much all that is in my big yellow bag, except the clothing. Its got cute Tassels and brass rings and things on it. I am not one for danglies and bright colored purses. I like the simple, understated bags. Good quality leather preferably, but the brown bag is some Pleather from Walmart that cost me all of $7 on sale!
THERE I have revealed in as much detail, as I care to get into, about my BAG. IF you are reading this Blog the consider yourself TAGGED and thereby requiring the exploitation of the items that are contained within your particular personal carrying device, whether it be a purse, manbag or suitcase, whatever the case, (haha that could be literal) may be!

in a

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Does Anyone Know where Luxembourg is???

So as we all know I work for a Mouse....and yesterday was no exception.
Yeah, So this guest comes to the World of Mouse and is from Luxembourg.
I was acting as the gopher yesterday...also called Runner. Where I run errands like shopping for new luggage, taking gift baskets to the guests rooms, helping them back into their room where they leave their room keys.....that kinda stuff. I get to sit in the back in the mail/message room with the girl in charge of this area. She sends me on my errands, to go check rooms for dead bodies or to lock out people who don't pay their Mouse bill!
In comes one of the Front Desk Cast Members, I'll call him Brock....cause that's his name, and says....."Does Anyone know where Luxembourg is?" I said ..... "its near Germany." So then I pop online to Google and low and behold....I'm RIGHT! So, I am basking in my profound knowledge of oddities like knowing where Luxembourg is and knowing there is also a country called Liechtenstein.....up by Poland and Russia.
So, Brock comes back to the mail/messages room and says...."How did you know there was a place called Luxembourg?" I couldn't really recall the exact moment that I remember learning there was such a place, but I'm sure it was in Highschool. Brock said he was mightily impressed that someone from America would know where an obscure place like Luxembourg is. I was kinda of realing from the shock that I even knew how to spell the word of the country....Then I began reflecting on why we lucky people in America, don't know or even want to know about other places in the world. I mean we have the resources of History classes in Highschool and college, the internet, books, magazines and The History and Discovery Channels on television to show us how these places look, so we don't actually have to GO to these places. But there are people from these places that come to America....and they are very pleased when we show that we know of their existance. We don't have to absorb their language, (which by the way people from Luxembourg speak German and French, because they are literally right between Germany and France with one border with Switzerland, and Belguim.) And we don't have to follow their religion. We can just know about them... So here are some things that I learned yesterday about Luxembourg: They have a Duchy that runs their country along with a parliment and it is the Richest country in Europe. The Grand Duchy abdicated his ruling seat in 2000, to his 53 year old son. They were absorbed for a time by the Nazi influence of Germany during WWII....(that's WORLD WAR II for those in Rio Linda). Luxembourg is a very small country it can be walked across in one day. But it is not the smallest country in the world. I think that belongs to either Vatican City or Andorra.
So, why are Americans berift of knowledge of other countries? Do we think we are the Only country that matters in the world? I have met people in Florida that live 10 miles from Disney World, who could not tell me which road to take to get there! I know people in America who do not know where our Capitol is located. Kinda makes you wonder if we are this way, how would we know if there are People from other Planets living among us, because they could say they were from Alpha Centari and we'd say...."oh, is that near France?" And we wouldn't KNOW.
I have over the course of my existence on this planet strived to learn about the countries and peoples from other cultures. I don't know why this is. I don't wish that I lived in those countries....well...maybe Australia or England, but that's because I could still actually communicate with them.
But I respect people from other cultures. I'm not saying I'm better because of this, but it is amazing how many people have commented to me on what I know. I knew a girl from Romania, who was impressed that I knew where Romania was located on the map, and I could tell her what countries bordered hers. She complimented me and said I was one of the FEW Americans that she'd ever met with knowledge of the world.
Working for the Mouse I have the opportunity to meet all sorts of people from every walk of life, every economic spectrum, and from many different countries. It helps them to feel welcome and special when I can converse with them about their country in an intelligent, respectful way. For instance....When people from England come to my desk, I love to use some of their slang words. They love it, and I ask them if they know where Giggleswick is. They more often than not don't, but they find it amazing or maybe even amusing that I would know first that there is a place called Giggleswick and where Giggleswick is located. And just so you know... It is in East Yorkshire England, near a small town called Settle, which is a place that most English know about...and Giggleswick is about 30 miles or so west of Manchester, England. It is amazing to them that I would know not only the name of the place, but that I would also know details about the place, but I've never been there!
I certainly don't know any other language besides English....some Spanish and even less French. But I like to hear other languages. But I think that only English should be spoken in public in America. But obviously if you are conversing with a close friend who is also from the same country as you and it is easier to communicate in your native tongue, you may do so, but please don't yell, thank you.
I am hoping that my respect and desire to know things about other countries and cultures will rub off a bit on to the Child. She has a fascination currently with Japan and China. She has a particular fondness for the food of China, for which I am grateful. And she has mentioned wanting to visit Japan so that she can see the Shinto Shrines that are very important to their culture. I am hoping that learning about their cultures she will be able to respect them and want to learn more, and that she will develop a hunger for learning about other cultures. She has learned about the Japanese art of brush painting through playing a video game called Okami.
It would be nice if the teachers in our schools could teach more about cultures and countries around the world. Rather than being babysitters of disruptive and disrespectful children. Who are the product of a disruptive and disrepectful home life. I am grateful for the history teachers that I have had and I am grateful that I was taught by my parents to be respectful of others. I am glad I have the desire to learn, still.
So, Where is Andorra?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Update, Cause My Baby Sister Said to!

So...a button. I was talking to my youngest sister yesterday. By the way, Thanks Jessie...You helped keep me awake while I was driving home! She complained that I had not up dated my blog spot in a while. Well, yeah....because there's not much to blog about. I mean....Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh have the political arena covered. John Stossel has the News covered....and we don't have to worry about much drivel coming out of Hollyweird, because of the writer's strike. Now really, has anyone truly cared that the writers are on strike? I have not heard much complaint. I know that the soaps are covered cause they write like months of story line way in advance, and well to be honest those writers could take a long Hiatus, just so the old stories and characters can be re-directed into a direction and stories that are more in line with their characters....I mean come on...Luke Spencer, on General Hospital, has been battling heart attacks for the last month! He's not even close to being dead! He can't be. There would be NO reason to watch General Hospital if he dies. They already killed off Alan Quartermaine.....What the heck were they thinking there???? He's like a core character. Then they go and like the next month kill off Emily Quartermaine!! I mean come on! They might as well just drop a bomb on the whole of Port Charles and re-write the whole deal. I am sick to death of the MOB deal. I mean come on how 1980! Sonny and Jason don't need to be mob anymore....I mean hello...the Sopranos are even gone. And what is up with killing Georgie Jones? What is that all about, what point were the writers trying to make there? Okay so her character was kind of boring, but that's the beauty of being a soap writer....She could come back having amnesia, and not being dead. I know Georgie, Emily, Alan and Frisco could all come back from the dead or from whereever they are....I think Frisco is on like the Bold and the Beautiful, where the original Todd Manning of One Life to Live is, along with Dixie Martin, of All My Children.
So.....yeah I didn't mean to get on a soap tanget......
Okay lets see what is up in the World of Lynie......well I am still employed by the Mouse, and My Prince Charming is still employed by the Whale. We are going to be moving closer to our work locations, as the price of gas and general living have become rather um...taxing. So we have decided to gather all our resources, sell our house. Move closer to work, which means moving into ORLANDO...but not like downtown. Then working to pay off our debt. We'd like to ultimately become a CASH only family. But we'd also like to have a nicer home. SO, we need better credit for that kinda thang. The Girl is all right with our moving. She's going to be in the 9th grade next year, but isn't worried about making new friends. She's finally learned the art of using the phone, and knows she can keep in touch with her current possee.
So things are going to be a big different for a while, but eventually will be better. So, that's all for the best.
Well How's that for an updated blog Jess? Did this fulfill your expectations? Did you have any expectations.....I really hope you aren't looking to me to fulfill ANY expectations.....Life is more rewarding with no expectations having to be met! Take Care One and ALL! Until Next time!