Sunday, July 6, 2008

Update From Florida

Well I know its been a while since I last updated my blog. Too much drama or boredom really.
Things are going well for the summer. My Prince Charming and I are able to spend time together, because he changed his days off to coincide with mine. We've been going to Bingo game at the World of Whale, and playing miniature golf, and feeding baby aligators. We've tried some nice restaurants around our new neighborhood.

Oh yeah, for those that don't know, we have moved back to the Orlando area, about 1 mile from the World of Whale and about 6 miles from the World of Mouse. MUCH closer than living 45 minutes away....especially with gas prices. We began saving money on gas the first night I stayed in our new place.

Also on a more somber note, we did put my dog Kaela down. She had been suffering from severe arthritis in her back knee. She had been hit by a car (actually it was my RS president, who was at that time my VT) She wasn't hit hard, but her back leg was dislocated and apparantly did not heal completely. She was also developing cateracts in both eyes, and she was not able to hear normal sounds, if we wanted her attention we'd have to clap loud, whistle really loud or touch her. It was such a sad day. My Prince Charming came with me. We led her into the exam room. She was acting like such a puppy, so sweet. We got her up on the table, and the vet administered the didn't take very long. Almost too quickly. Which let me know that she was ready to go.
I was up by her head, cause she kept looking for me to hold her. They put an anethesia in the drug to help them relax. She was looking at me when her heart stopped beating. We were allowed to stay for as long as we wanted to say our goodbyes. My Prince Charming and I cried and petted our puppygirl and told her what a good girl she was and that we love her so much. I hoped that Bear was there to meet her. Along with Sonny, our horse that we'd had in Yoder.
I know that some of my family are not fond of hearing about some psychic things, but I know without a doubt that Kaela has come to me several times and let me know that she's happy and not in anymore pain. I dream of her often. I miss her very much. She was my best friend. I told her lots of things that human ears should not hear. She was my confidant and I always felt needed. She always wanted to be where I was, and was alway super happy when I came home. She was very intelligent and patient. Such a sweet dog.
She came to us as a stray, and left with pieces of our heart.
*** wiping tears away ****

We do still have our cat Dave. He's an only pet, for now. I have an unfulfilled promise of being able to get Zebra Finches....but not yet.

Makayla is with her mother in the panhandle of Florida. She is growing to be such a lovely young lady. She has matured alot and is learning to deal with her moodiness in a much more pleasant way. We are very lucky with Makayla, she is a self proclaimed nerd and likes science and math and finds our 80's music much more appealing than the current deluge of HipHop and other unsavory types of current music. She is currently very into Doctor Who. We finally have cable in our new place, and are able to watch the SCIFI, DISOVERY, SCIENCE, FOOD NETWORK, and other fun channels. She LOVES Doctor Who. She's even started, ( to my joy) reading books that the writers of the current series have put out. She wants to wear Converse brand shoes, because those are the type of shoes the current Doctor wears. She had found at her last school, students and teachers who are also fans of the current series. She wants to have posters of Doctor Who on her walls, and would love to have her room look like the inside of the Tardis, which for those who don't know, is the Doctor's method of transportation.
We will get her back a few weeks early, because she will be going to a New Middle school. Called Freedom Middle School. She's anxious to be able to wear regular clothes. The last school had a uniform and she was not able to express her Nerdy/Rocker/Girly self. She is a contradiction in fashion, let me tell you! Her mother is younger than me and has a more modern fashion sense than I, but both her mother and I have a much easier time putting together an outfit than Makayla. But surprisingly enough she's easy to shop with for clothing....for shoes that a whole other monster! This year will be interesting, and I am looking forward to it.

My Prince Charming has been promoted at the World of Whale, he is now the Head Technician. He is now being paid more to do what he's done all along. He loves his job. For which I am very glad for. He had a bit of a scare about a week ago, there was a rumor that the Busch family was in the works to SELL both the beverage portion AND the entertainment portion of the Anheuser-Busch Company. But by Monday they had decided NOT TO SELL!!! Yeah!

I am still employed at the World of Mouse and just completed training for a position in the resort operations area. Basically when I am able to do the position I will be getting an additional $.50 an hour. I am still working the Graveyard shift, in the capacity of front desk Cashier, but now I have to opportunity and training to fill in when the OPS person doesn't show up. I will be coming up on my First year anniversary with The World of Mouse here in the 2nd week of August. I also have one more doctor's appointment till I get my paperwork submitted to my insurance company for approval for my LapBand Surgery. Then I am thinking the surgery won't be until late September or October. I am very much looking forward to this. I have been trying to be diligent in watching my portion sizes and chewing my bites completely. Because with the LapBand, you are suppose to eat solid food after about 2 months....but you have to watch what you eat, you have a specific amount that the pouch will hold and it has to be nearly purred by chewing before you can safely swallow. I am attending a support group every month and am getting very nice suggestions and encouragement from Dr. Aguila and the patients that are also waiting to get the surgery and there are some who attend who have already had the surgery. I am feeling very optimistic about this new life that I will have. I am excited to become healthier and not be on so many medications for my diabetes.
That is all for now.

Happy After Fourth to everyone.


Tipi said...

Its been far to long since I read your blog!
I miss you terribally and am sad to hear about your best friend. :(

come see me on my blog! :)
YOu guys finally got me to cave and join the 21st centery.
But No cell phone!
I'm may be joining it, but I'm still kicking and screaming all the way :P

Keyanna said...

You write very well.