Saturday, November 8, 2008

Epistle to Anyone.....

Dear People who take the time to read my Blog

Oh My Goodness! Its been such a very long time since I last wrote to you....
I've been really busy. The world going by like a buzzing blurr all around me.

On 9/11/08 I had the LapBand surgery performed. I am doing alright. The weight is coming off, slower than I expected but it it coming off. I have to remind myself that I did not put the weight on in one day, so the weight isn't going to come off like that. I have my Highschool Senior Picture displayed to remind me of how cute I was when I was thinner, and keep me motivated to regain that look, as much as I can. I have alread had one fill of the ring, but I think that I could stand a bit more saline put in the device. Portion control is the biggest key.

My sisters in law have added to the family totals....I now have 8 Nephews and 7 nieces, currently with one more niece on the way. I must say that I am very happy that these new souls have entered our family. It is my hope that I will eventually meet everyone of them. I have now 4 nieces that I have not met yet, and only 2 nephews that I haven't met yet. I love all of these children....miss them all so much, even the ones I haven't met yet.

I celebrated my first full year of working for the Mouse. I was given a really nice pin to wear on my name tag. Its brass, and is a depiction of Steamboat Willie. The Mouse's first appearance. I am enjoying my work still. I am working on getting myself off of the 3rd shift, so that I can actually have a family life. It would be nice to see my husband and stepdaughter more that for 1 hour or less each day. I have added to my skill set at the resort that I work, and am now more versitile in what I am able to do. Which does help the longevity.

My Prince Charming has been promoted to the Head Tech at the World of Whale. He received a very nice granite plaque, at a celebration of his 3 years with the Whale. He is currently working hard to transform portions of the World of Whale into a Winter wonderland. The Christmas movie " The Polar Express" comes to life in the venue which normally houses the Wild Artic, with many thanks to my Prince Charming. He is singularly responsible for much of the special effect work that has gone into the attraction. He is finally being recognized for his contributions. I am very proud of my sweet Prince Charming.

The Girl has entered the 8th grade this fall. She is already making great strides in her academics. She was selected to be Student of the Month for the month of September. She has done very well in all of her classes. She knows that this is the year that truely starts to "count" towards college. She is very serious about her grades and does a really good job keeping them high and impressive. Now the challenge lays in what she really wants to do. Does she want to work with animals? Or does she want to be an actor? Or does she want to be a scientist? So many choices. She is currently completely obsessed by Doctor Who, the British TV series, that has been around since 1963. Yes, its new and modern. The current Doctor is played by a brillant actor called David Tennet, his most recent companion was called Donna Noble, who is played by a very funny British Comediane named Catherine Tate. My Prince Charming and I also are fans of the show. He and I have enjoyed the show beginning in our teens, when the Doctor was played by an actor named Tom Baker. But the Girl thinks that Doctor Who is the most amazing thing! She has the names of the aliens and their planets nearly all memorized and is currently trying to learn the language of the Jadoon (aliens from Doctor Who). She wants us to plan a vacation to Cardiff, Wales so we can see the Doctor Who exhibitions that are there. The series is mostly filmed in Wales. There are worse things she could be obsessed with. I should count myself rather lucky, at least that is what my Prince Charming tells me.

I am working with a man at the World of Mouse, who is coordinating a Doctor Who convention to be held in Orlando in 2009. I am suppose to be acting as his assistant. We've got a very nice convention location in Orlando. We are also working on a "club" where people of similiar Doctor Who interests get together to socialize. We have organized a pre-convention event with a writer of many of the Doctor Who books, classic series episodes, his name is Terrance Dicks. We are having a night where he will be signing books, and cds, and talking to us about his work with all of the classic Doctors. It is already a sold out event. We are now planning another event to be held in April, with another keynote guest. I have not been told who this guest will be but once I know I'll let you know. The convention and subsequent events should prove to be very enjoyable as well as successful.

Yes, We have a new president, he will assume the office officially on January 20, 2009. I am not going to voice my opinion much, because I am not really sure what I could say. I am not encouraged. I do know that I plan on working actively to acquire another gun, and do all I can to remain employed. I will not engage in many political conversations with those who have opposing view points for a while. I don't want to have much contention with the opposing idealists. I do think that the land of the free and the home of the brave is in great peril. And am wondering how horrible living in Australia would really be, or where in America I can acquire enough land to house my entire family, safely behind a very tall and towered wall. Nuff Said!

I am finally doing more card making and am enjoying the fruits of my labors. I think my Prince Charming may be able to help me begin to actually "post" picture of the cards that I will make in the future. I haven't begun to paint again, yet. I haven't found my painting muse. Though the card making muse has been around lately. Thank goodness!

I know, I know....I am a horrible sister, because though I remembered on the day, at roughly 11PM that it was her birthday....I completely did not call her, nor did I create as good of a card as I would have liked. I hope that she will forgive me. I haven't spoken to either sister in more than a month of Sundays. I hope they will both forgive me.

My youngest Brother, Scott. I haven't seen for nearly 4 years....I will get to see this coming Monday. I have missed him alot. It will be nice to see him, and my parents, who will be coming with him.

Sure hope everything is well with everyone. Hope everyone is as happy and safe as possible. Remember to pray and remember who you are and where you come from. Remember to change your undies and eat a good breakfast. Stay Warm, and remember that I think of you often. Take Care of yourself.
Talk to you again Soon.