Saturday, July 14, 2007

My British Soul

I love America, I am so grateful to be in this country. So that said, I still have a British Soul. I asked my friend Richard, from the Kensington area of London, if it was alright with him if I declared this, he said" It's alright by me, me ole china." Which is "its okay, my old friend." I have said that my soul was British since about 1995 when I first discovered I could get online on AOL and chat with other anglophiles, as we are called. Then in the course of listening to my parents' journey through Family History lines I am finding out that I have a ligitimate claim to saying my soul is British. I totally envy my youngest sister's recent trip with her beloved to England, where she was able to dabble in the world of the British. Now I am told that my elder brother is venturing 'cross the pond for business.
I know what many words mean, and can certainly find out with a quick phone call to my friend Richard, who now lives in the US. I have often remarked that we should just annex eachother, but he reminds me that there is just as much hostility towards each other as there is good will....pity.
I love the names of many of the towns, one imparticular called Giggleswick, in West Yorkshire. Many British, that I meet in the course of doing my job, have never heard of Giggleswick. I mean really, how can any mean or evil thing be done or even thought in a town like Giggleswick? I love reading Martha Grimes' Richard Jury Mystery books. She's named each book after a particular pub in the town where a murder has occured, and Mr. Jury is sent from New Scotland Yard to invesigate and solve. I would love nothing to more to learn that there is a town called Little Piddlington, in Northants. Monty Python and the Holy Grail, is of course one of my most favorite movies, and I can be caught reciting lines from the movie at times that are requisite of a Monty Python phrase. I also enjoy watching the shows on BBC America. One of my Favorite has been Can't Cook won't Cook.
So there, This proves nothing, of that I am aware, but I do have a British soul.

Why Didn't they Accept?

I work at a very popular hotel associated with a very popular Theme Park in Central Florida. Recently a very large political affiliation held a conference at the Hotel/Conference Center where I work in the Business Center. This Group is called NALEO. This is the National Association of Latino Elected Officials. There was a very large representation of Democratic Presidential hopefulls, including Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Joe Biden, and Bill Richardson, to name a few. I am not a Democrat and was wondering, out loud even, where was the representation of the Republican or Independent Presidential hopefulls? I was informed, rather tartly, by the woman who organized this event that the Republicans had DECLINED their Invitations! I thought to myself....WHY? These are intelligent Latino people who are very influential or will be. Why wouldn't the Republicans want to attend an event where their view points and ideals are voiced? The Democrats were hooting and hollering like maniacs for their preferred hopeful! In my life time the hispanics that I have come across in my professional and personal life have for the most part been very conservative people. They are a strong family, christian oriented people. This convention had little or nothing to do with Immigration Illegal or otherwise. So again I ask aloud, Where was the Republican representation?

Why you Should Always Write Things Down!

Even in this world of everything Electronic, you should still WRITE IT DOWN! If you are a Busy, Irritated, and Easily Confused person, you will surely forget your name, the usernames of your 5 email accounts, not to mention the passwords, you will forget the airline confirmation number when you are speaking to Brad at the call center in New Delhi! Yes you will be using a ancient ink pen and the ***Gasp*** wood pulp, created paper. Of course you will then need to Remember where you wrote these things down and guard them with your life. I am only imparting this advice because I forgot the username and Password for my Original Blog. So now I've written it down in my trusty little notebook.