Monday, March 17, 2008

The Wonders that are the Internet and This blog...

It is amazing to me the things that are beginning to happen in my life because of this internet and this little thing called a Blog. I don't kid myself to think that anyone would even read this on a regular basis. I know my sister and sometimes my Mom reads this spot. So I try to write things in which they might be interested.
But I have been able to connect with others and through the power of just putting a person's name into a search engine I am able to find someone who until recently had been basically lost.
It is too easy to lose touch with important people when life just gets in the way, you move, they move, circumstances change, friends just get lost.
I recently imput the name of an old friend of mine into Google, and Voila, I was able to make contact with that person, and catch up with them, and include them back in my world.
I am reminded of a phrase that I learned in Brownies and I think my Grandmother might have told me this also, its simple. It goes...
"Make new Friends, but keep the old, One is Silver and the other Gold."
My Dad always made a big deal about calling some one a friend. He was right. There are requirements that need to be met before a person can be called a friend. There needs to be a mutual respect. There should be some level of similiar interests. There needs to be a high level of trust, would this person stand by me in times of sorrow as well as in good times.
I know that certain people have come into my life through its vastly different stages for specific purposes and I also know those friendships can be everlasting.
I have always cherished each person that's come into my life, because through them or because of them I've learned more about myself, whether good or bad and as a result I have grown and become who I am. Their influence, support, love and kindness has been my sustanance. I may have not had the maturity or humilty at the time to let them know how important they were to me. I hope they know.
I've lost enough friends through death to know the value of letting my thoughts and feeling be made known, without embarrassment.
It is a wonderful gift to add back to my treasure chest those pieces of gold and silver that I thought were lost.

The Scents of Springs

Ahhhhh, inhaling the air in Central Florida at this time of the year can cause a myriad of results. The Orange Blossoms are once again blooming. The orange trees are blooming a little waxy blossom that is deceptive in its size for the largeness of the scent that it produces, and then become beautiful globes of orange heaven.
The scent is undiscribable. There is a heavy, perfumy, heady, overpowering, sensual, nay even erotic scent of Orange Blossoms.
We live in a town where we are surrounded by Orange Groves and it is with sheer delight that I drive through the street with my windows down, so that I can fill my car, my hair, my sking with the scnet.
When I first had the experience of smelling Orange trees in spring bloom, I was overcome with ..... was a sense of unabashed delight...even elation. The scent is overpowering at best. It is absolutely glorious!
There aren't words adequate enough in the languages that I am familiar with.....English, to describe the scent completely.
It is by far one of the truely wonderous reasons that I am very pleased to be living in Central Florida.


So, My youngest sister decided to TAG me in one of her Blogs on her DUCKDUCKCOW blog. Her Tagging requires me to exhibit the contents of my Purse to the unsuspecting Public at large. Now, This was suppose to include visuals, such as photos to back my claims up, but as I am still residing in the very early 90's in regards to having the ability to show photos online.....I am reduced to Verbal descriptions of the contents of my personal luggage system.
Oh you may laugh, nay even scoff.....I do carry Luggage with me daily.
My Bag on the nights that I am working for The MOUSE, is literally just that a Bag. It is Black and Yellow with a nice rubberized logo of the Resort for which I work for the Mouse. There is a velcros handle for carrying by hand as well as a nicely padded shoulder strap for those days when my hands are other wise occupied. The bag is approximately 15 inches long and 9 inches wide with a very large capacity in the main compartment, in which I have the following. A pair of Black Reboks, a pair of nude knee high stockings, a blue skirt that I wear while costumed at work for the Mouse, along with the lovely button up blouse that has poofy short sleeves, in a cheery plaid, consisting of green, red, pink and white plaid hatchings with a simple pinkish tan base color. I also have my Mouse issued sweater, 3 ball point pens in black ink, a silver head band that hurts and gives me a headache when I wear it, an AC adapter, charger for my Nintendo DS, my Nintendo DS in its Grey case, a little love note from my Prince Charming, a cuticle tool, a manicure case, a packet of Splenda, a magazine insert card from Martha's magazine. LIVING (Martha's Magazine). THEN on the outside of the bag are 3 other pockets, in one pocket I have my makeup, which consists of my eyeliner pencil from MILANI in a Brazilian Brown color, and my eyeliner felt tipped marker in a Dark Brown by Physicians Formula, my wide toothed comb which is a clear plastic purple with a broken tooth, my Physicians Formula eyeshadow called Amber Minerals, my foundation which is also Physicians Formula Mineral Wear in Translucent Light, my Physicians Formula Mineral wear Blushing Glow Blusher, my CoverGirl Volume Exact mascara in Brown, my CoverGirl Pressed powder compact in Natural Ivory, my Natural Beauty lipstick in SugarPlum Fairy, and finally my CoverGirl WetSlicks lipgloss in FireFly. Then in the 2nd Pocket I have my black cloth wallet which has more receipts than money in it. My Purple Checkbook with Pooh Bear with checks that I don't use, my 2 year pocket calendar which has cute kitties on the outside, my little blue notebook where I keep information like my passwords, family email, and some tasty reciepes, 2 more pens. THEN in the very outside pocket which is fastened with one little piece of velcro...there is my calculator, a package of Extra winterfresh gum, some receipts that didn't make it into my wallet, that all need to be input onto our sales tax spreadsheet, some loose change, more packets of Splenda, some packets of Non-Pseudo Sinus Decongestant and that is IT!
Now when I'm not working I have 2 purses that I carry, not at the same time.....Please. The one I prefer is my little cream colored leather purse, which I have been told is a "COACH" but There's not a label on it anywhere. Its got a cute little gold toggle that holds the flap shut. Its got a long strap that I can loop around my neck. I normally take out what ever cash I have from my wallet, my debit card, my license, a pen, my Calendar, a lipstick and powder compact, car keys and my new slimmer cell phone which are pretty much all that can comfortably fit. THEN there is my bigger Brown bag that I can fit pretty much all that is in my big yellow bag, except the clothing. Its got cute Tassels and brass rings and things on it. I am not one for danglies and bright colored purses. I like the simple, understated bags. Good quality leather preferably, but the brown bag is some Pleather from Walmart that cost me all of $7 on sale!
THERE I have revealed in as much detail, as I care to get into, about my BAG. IF you are reading this Blog the consider yourself TAGGED and thereby requiring the exploitation of the items that are contained within your particular personal carrying device, whether it be a purse, manbag or suitcase, whatever the case, (haha that could be literal) may be!

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