Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A New Year....

So, another year has dawned. I am so relieved. Last year saw lots of changes. And I don't mean the CHANGE in my beloved country's leader. (I am so over politics.)
I am talking about the subtle changes. In myself, in my Prince Charming, in The Girl. We are all getting older. Not just in age, but like fine cheese, or superb cut of beef, we are mellow, our juices condensing, our bone more brittle....just kidding.
I am looking forward to what the new year will bring.
I hope everyone looks to the New Year as a time for personal improvement, not in the way of Resolutions that are made and not kept, but as a time to do an inventory of things that need to be improved, strengthened, or added to their lives.

I recently got on to the Facebook.com site and am able to keep in contact with many of the College Program kids that come through the World of Mouse. Many of whom have become quite dear to me. These kids are mostly in their early 20's and many of them have remarked how I had become like a fun Aunt or even mother to them. I feel honored that these kids would look to me in such a way. I have gotten to know many of the because they received the privilege of working with me on the Graveyard shift that I do for the World of Mouse, and we have shared much conversation and they have left me somewhat comforted to know that our world in not going to be in the hands of people who don't care. These kids are smart, caring, insightful and courageous. Many of these kids are as conservative as I am, and some more so, that in its self is comforting. They are concerned about morals, about their education, and their futures.
I now have a brother and his family living on the other side of the world in South Korea. It is sad that they are not a mere 8 hours away. I will miss them.
I was blessed to have 3 new angels added to my extended family, we welcomed with open arms and hearts George, Abby and Fiona. I hope they will be made ready for Crazy Aunt Lyn.
I am still married to my most wonderful Prince Charming. We will be celebrating our 8th year of wedded bliss in March of this year. We still feel as though we have been married forever. It seems like such a small amount of time in what we have shared and have dealt with. He is my best friend, lover, and completely my Prince. He loves me, and does all he can to show me in deed and word. I am very grateful that we found each other.
My lap-band surgery in September has continued to allow me to lose the weight that I need, in a healthy way. I am more aware of how much I eat, I eat slower and enjoy the food much more and in smaller amounts. I have many baggy pants now. My blouses and tops are much bigger now. I am even able to get into a smaller bra size, which believe it or not is a huge thing for me. I have not had a picture of me till just recently, and though I am only just over 25 lbs lighter, I can see it in my face and neck area. I still have to remind myself that I didn't gain the weight all at once, so I'm not going to lose it all at once.
I think this year will be alright...If we don't talk about politics.