Sunday, December 14, 2008

Some of the Reasons I am really Stressed out.....

1. I, Good Queen Lyn can not drive up to Fort Walton Beach before December 16th to see my Princely Brother, His Regal wife, and their 2 adorable ankle biters, um...really beautiful children...before they are Shipped off to the distant kingdom of South Korea for 2 years or more.

2. My Prince Charming and I can't take off for a spur of the moment trip to Miami, which is Only 2 hours away!

3. My family is not able to go to see extended family who lives on the other side of the country, because we would not be able to drive it and remain sane.

4. My Youngest Queenly Sister had her newest beautiful, baby girl 4 DAYS AGO!!! I only found out about it TODAY, because I happened to check HER blog!!!

5. We never get to celebrate holidays on the actual date of the Holiday, because The Girl leaves to go to her mother's for these days....even her Birthday is celebrated at her mother's these days, so we have to celebrate either way early or Way Late. Though celebrating Christmas later is nice, because we can take advantage of "after Christmas" sales....but still....Its later.

6. My Father in law who I haven't "named" in my blogscope yet, is moving back to The Universal World of Whale and Mouse, though this time he will be living on his own, in his own dungeon, oops manor house, and not on my sofa.

7. Its cold enough to snow down here in the Universale World of Whale and Mouse.

8. I am suppose to have 3 days off each wonderful week, but since I am at the lowest end of the senority scale of the position that I have, I am FORCED into working 5 days. While I adore the overtime money, I am exhausted....Queen Lyn is not a wet behind the ears young Princess any longer People!!!!

9. I have only been able to see my sweet Prince Charming for less than 2 hours this last week, because he's working so much for the Whale, decking the beast out for the truely Blessed Holiday that we are preparing for, but is he Really the ONLY One who knows this much about SNOW machines??? I mean, hey that's fab if he is, but could the Whale cough up a nicer way to celebrate him....I could think of a few things that I would LOVE to do to celebrate the wonderfulness that is my Prince Charming!

10. I really miss my family right now, I miss spending Christmas with them.

11. I haven't been able to find THE best present for my Prince Charming, because He says he doesn't want anything....whatever that means....He's getting things, just nothing he has specifically asked for...cause he hasn't!

12. I have decorated very minimally for the Holiday, wish I could do more, but am not able because of Time constraints.

13. Having a difficult time locating an Eagle themed ceramic to paint for my nephew who has earned his Eagle scout award...You'd think Bald Eagle ceramics would be more readily available in a country where that particular bird is our national mascot.

14. I am feeling very hungry right now and should eat my breakfast, but wanted to get online to update things and check things that I haven't checked in a while, like this blog.

Okay, somethings aren't in my control and I'm alright with that, but it is still frustrating and stressful.

Untill Next time.......