Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I Miss.....

I was musing the other day, about the many people I miss now. I understand that people come into your life for a particular purpose, to teach you something, to learn something from you. And without fail they do leave an impression on you. You know when they leave they are suppose to go, after the initial grief is over. This could be over a person that passes from your life and goes to another country, state, or even someone who has passed on from this mortal life.
I was born in Missouri, and lived in a nice neighborhood with a small grocery store that was just about a quarter of a mile away, if that. There were kids on the block that I was friends with. We moved away from Missouri when I was 11, to Denver, Colorado.
I miss the freedom of that childhood. I miss riding down the street on my bicycle, wind blowing my hair out behind me. I miss the times my mom would let us walk up to the store and spending 10 cents on candy. Its amazing that we were allowed to do that at 8 years old. These days you can't let your child out of your sight for even a second, because of the evil,disgusting people out there.
I miss my two girlfriends, Beth Smith and Teresa Thompson. I know they must have different last names now, I lost touch with Beth when I turned about 17, we would write but then life caught up and we didn't anymore. Every once in a while I hear from Teresa, and that is always such a wonderful encounter, but then life takes hold again, and we don't remain in touch.
I miss the job I had at an amusement park in Denver. It has moved to a more lucrative location, a big named company purchased it and made it bigger. But it seemed to have lost the romance and excitement of youth. I was a young teenager when I worked there, and my first series of boyfriends began there, Nathan Sorheim, Hunter Macklin, David Kish. Oh, the silliness of teen romances. I miss singing to Air Supply songs in my friend Beth Connor's car. I miss working doubles at the park and having her spend the night at my house, because we had a curfew at my house, we actually got some sleep. I miss hanging out with her and Justin Lang, Kevin Bisant, and Dave Evans. We had silly fun. I didn't know that I liked Ska music till much later. I've always known that I love most any song from the 80's. I miss the 2 people that I shared a locker with in Highschool, Jeff Lowe and Kathy Haddad. I have heard from a boy I went to Junior High and HighSchool with, Ted Struzeski, how nice to catch up, and how sad to hear of the people from our class who have passed on.
I miss playing sports on my Church's basketball, volleyball and softball teams. We were the best congregation/ward in the area. It was fun being part of the winning team. We lost plenty, but it was certainly fun to win. I miss going to Church dances with Amy Steck and having a competition of how many boys we could get to dance with us. I miss Blair Cecil and Jon Habedank.
I miss the girls I roomed with in my couple of years in College. The first year was especially significant. I miss Wendy Rogers, Elaine Van Orden, Peggy Watson and Rebekha Combs. I grew spiritually large that year, and learned alot about my self. I miss Peter Mortenson, Dave Crowder and Kent Smedley,and Mike Turley. These were true gentlemen and fun friends. The next year was off campus housing and another learning time. I miss Dawn and Rick Erickson and Adam Robertson, and Steve Tueller, Rod Steiner, Eric Anderson, Roy Johnson, Howard Nelson, I left at the semester break because I didn't have enough money to continue, but when I came back, I was lucky to be in the same apartment from the year before, but a different set of roommate, and I miss Deanna Menssen, Brenda Eames, Sorena Green, Brenda Smith, and even Teresa McClure. I miss the basketball team coming over at 2 am and waking us up, and talking about goofey things.
I miss the group of young adults I went to Church with in Arvada, Colorado. I miss Betty Parsons, Don Atwood, Eddy Hansen. I miss Joey Harmon, I miss Nancy.
I miss alot of the people that I met in Dallas, Texas. I miss Desiree Davis and her son Ross. I miss Elizabeth Bushman, Elise Peterson, Greg Richmond,Benny Haddon and Robert Knewstub, Cindy Szarek, Nick and Marci Gower, Graham Lloyd.
I miss our neighbors in Colorado, John and Karen Mclaughlin, Duane and Ester Burney, Kim and Wes Bollinger, Sue and Ralph Beckwith. The people after I became a wife are just as important to me as those who knew me as a single woman.
These are the people that I feel have influenced the kind of person that I am today. They taught me many things. Bittersweet, sad, happy, memories of experiences with each person. Joy, happiness, love and kind thoughts for everyone of these people.
I may have taught them something, I hope it was a good lesson, but even if it wasn't it was purposeful. There are many more people I miss, but I don't dwell on the feelings long....just bask for a moment in the remembrances that come.

And hey if you are any of these people....send me an email. I'd love to hear from you.

Yesterday was My Birthday

Since Yesterday was my Birthday, I Still have 24 hours to rant about it.
I turned 40. My Prince Charming called me 3 times yesterday to wish me a Happy Birthday. He told me my present would be a day with him at Discovery Cove, in August. He said he wished he could have done this sooner, but time snuck up on him. Those of you who don't know, Discovery Cove is an Anheuiser-Busch Entertainment Park. Along with Seaworld and Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay and soon they will be opening a water park in Orlando, directly across the street from Seaworld. Discovery Cove is where guests can have a private interaction with Dolphins if they wish. My Prince Charming took me to Discovery Cove on the first day of December last year. Here in Florida it is recommended to still swim in December, as it is kinda warm still. We had to best time!! They only let in 1000 people per day. Helps to reduce the stress on the marine animals. You can go swim with sting rays, the younger ones have their stinger thingy removed so they don't hurt you accidently. These animals related as closely to a Shark as you would want to be related, are so docile and curious. They swim around you and you can reach your hands down and touch them. They are very cool animals. Then you can Swim in the coral reef area, where with goggles you can see such beautiful and colorful fish. Its such a peaceful, and one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had.
I am looking forward to going with my Prince Charming.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Entering A New Decade.......birthday......

I turn a new age on Monday......yes Not the age I mention in my profile. This is a MAJOR age for me. It means I am no longer able justify anything I do, because I am now OLD ENOUGH to know better. I have finished my self assesment, I am generally satisfied where I am in life. There are definately things I could work on, and there are things that only time will take care of.
I am happy in my marriage, my husband is a kind, thoughtful and generous man, he is very patient with my insecurities and immaturity. I could go to Church more, but I read the scriptures at least 10 minutes a day, sometimes more. I enjoy and cherish the peace that that time brings to me, helps to keep me focused on what's truely important.
I am pleased that I can call my brothers and sisters and even sisters in law my friends. I love and adore my many nephews and nieces.
So, going into my new decade will be alright. My hair is its natural color, Strawberry blonde, no help from the coloring aisle at Wal-Mart. I don't know when I'll get grey, I'm sure I have some, it just must be very pale...Thank goodness. I don't have crows feet around my eyes, yet. I don't have wrinkles on my forehead or chin. I am certainly more overweight than I should be, but just as I didn't gain it all over night, its not going to come off over night....it will be my major objective in the next several months.
I am please and content, for now.
Thanks Mom and Dad, for this 40th Birthday.