Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Yesterday was My Birthday

Since Yesterday was my Birthday, I Still have 24 hours to rant about it.
I turned 40. My Prince Charming called me 3 times yesterday to wish me a Happy Birthday. He told me my present would be a day with him at Discovery Cove, in August. He said he wished he could have done this sooner, but time snuck up on him. Those of you who don't know, Discovery Cove is an Anheuiser-Busch Entertainment Park. Along with Seaworld and Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay and soon they will be opening a water park in Orlando, directly across the street from Seaworld. Discovery Cove is where guests can have a private interaction with Dolphins if they wish. My Prince Charming took me to Discovery Cove on the first day of December last year. Here in Florida it is recommended to still swim in December, as it is kinda warm still. We had to best time!! They only let in 1000 people per day. Helps to reduce the stress on the marine animals. You can go swim with sting rays, the younger ones have their stinger thingy removed so they don't hurt you accidently. These animals related as closely to a Shark as you would want to be related, are so docile and curious. They swim around you and you can reach your hands down and touch them. They are very cool animals. Then you can Swim in the coral reef area, where with goggles you can see such beautiful and colorful fish. Its such a peaceful, and one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had.
I am looking forward to going with my Prince Charming.

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