Monday, March 17, 2008

The Scents of Springs

Ahhhhh, inhaling the air in Central Florida at this time of the year can cause a myriad of results. The Orange Blossoms are once again blooming. The orange trees are blooming a little waxy blossom that is deceptive in its size for the largeness of the scent that it produces, and then become beautiful globes of orange heaven.
The scent is undiscribable. There is a heavy, perfumy, heady, overpowering, sensual, nay even erotic scent of Orange Blossoms.
We live in a town where we are surrounded by Orange Groves and it is with sheer delight that I drive through the street with my windows down, so that I can fill my car, my hair, my sking with the scnet.
When I first had the experience of smelling Orange trees in spring bloom, I was overcome with ..... was a sense of unabashed delight...even elation. The scent is overpowering at best. It is absolutely glorious!
There aren't words adequate enough in the languages that I am familiar with.....English, to describe the scent completely.
It is by far one of the truely wonderous reasons that I am very pleased to be living in Central Florida.

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Jessica G. said...

Bottle some of that and send it my way. All I've got around here is the smell of old milk and poopy diapers. :)