Saturday, July 14, 2007

Why Didn't they Accept?

I work at a very popular hotel associated with a very popular Theme Park in Central Florida. Recently a very large political affiliation held a conference at the Hotel/Conference Center where I work in the Business Center. This Group is called NALEO. This is the National Association of Latino Elected Officials. There was a very large representation of Democratic Presidential hopefulls, including Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Joe Biden, and Bill Richardson, to name a few. I am not a Democrat and was wondering, out loud even, where was the representation of the Republican or Independent Presidential hopefulls? I was informed, rather tartly, by the woman who organized this event that the Republicans had DECLINED their Invitations! I thought to myself....WHY? These are intelligent Latino people who are very influential or will be. Why wouldn't the Republicans want to attend an event where their view points and ideals are voiced? The Democrats were hooting and hollering like maniacs for their preferred hopeful! In my life time the hispanics that I have come across in my professional and personal life have for the most part been very conservative people. They are a strong family, christian oriented people. This convention had little or nothing to do with Immigration Illegal or otherwise. So again I ask aloud, Where was the Republican representation?