Saturday, July 14, 2007

My British Soul

I love America, I am so grateful to be in this country. So that said, I still have a British Soul. I asked my friend Richard, from the Kensington area of London, if it was alright with him if I declared this, he said" It's alright by me, me ole china." Which is "its okay, my old friend." I have said that my soul was British since about 1995 when I first discovered I could get online on AOL and chat with other anglophiles, as we are called. Then in the course of listening to my parents' journey through Family History lines I am finding out that I have a ligitimate claim to saying my soul is British. I totally envy my youngest sister's recent trip with her beloved to England, where she was able to dabble in the world of the British. Now I am told that my elder brother is venturing 'cross the pond for business.
I know what many words mean, and can certainly find out with a quick phone call to my friend Richard, who now lives in the US. I have often remarked that we should just annex eachother, but he reminds me that there is just as much hostility towards each other as there is good will....pity.
I love the names of many of the towns, one imparticular called Giggleswick, in West Yorkshire. Many British, that I meet in the course of doing my job, have never heard of Giggleswick. I mean really, how can any mean or evil thing be done or even thought in a town like Giggleswick? I love reading Martha Grimes' Richard Jury Mystery books. She's named each book after a particular pub in the town where a murder has occured, and Mr. Jury is sent from New Scotland Yard to invesigate and solve. I would love nothing to more to learn that there is a town called Little Piddlington, in Northants. Monty Python and the Holy Grail, is of course one of my most favorite movies, and I can be caught reciting lines from the movie at times that are requisite of a Monty Python phrase. I also enjoy watching the shows on BBC America. One of my Favorite has been Can't Cook won't Cook.
So there, This proves nothing, of that I am aware, but I do have a British soul.