Monday, May 12, 2008


I am the oldest sister. I have 2 precious sisters. I have 4 brothers, 3 younger than me. My older brother is just 14 months older than me, my next brother is 5 years younger than me. My next brother is 11 years younger than me, and my youngest brother is 15 years younger than me. Quite an age spread.
Only one set of parents!
I tried to be a good older sister when we were all growing up. I know we had lots of fun when I was asked to babysit them all. We'd pretend we were singers in a band. We'd crank the stereo up, either on a local station or play my cassettes. It was the 80's so the music was Great!Everyone would pretend to play an instrument and we'd all sing at the top of our lungs. Or we'd play office, and set up a silly, walkie-talkie type, phone system that one of them had gotten for a birthday or Christmas. Or if I had to also make dinner I would make my special Hamburgers, that basically contained all the spices in my Mother's spice cabinet, plus some stuff from the fridge.
When My youngest sister she was diagnosed with bone cancer, in her right arm. I had, prior to this diagnosis, been praying for guideance about going on a Church Mission. I was 25 and still within the perimeters. I knew her diagnosis was my answer, I must stay home. Somehow I was needed. I tried to be positive and cheerful when I was with her. I honestly thought I was a nuisance most of the time.
She is my youngest sister.
I have a special bond with both of my sisters, each unique and special to me. We all bonded one Christmas. My entire family was at our grandparents home in either Missouri or Oklahoma, I can't remember which. They were my father's parents.
My Grandfather had gotten a very large amount of Shrimp. My Grandmother made an amazing Chocolate cake, like she always did. We gorged on Shrimp and Chocolate Cake. Most likely other things as well, but those were the food items I most remember. We were young so, it wasn't detrimental to us.
Us sisters to sleep in the same bed in the basement of their house. We had to sleep in age order, of course. So Emily, my next sister is in the Middle, and Jessica, the youngest is on the other side of Emily.
Through the course of the night, Emily got sick. She couldn't get out of the bed, cause she had a sister on either side. She threw up on me, then I threw up on her. Then she threw up on Jess, and Jess threw up on Her. We laugh till we cry about this now. We've had many bonding experiences but that is by far THE funniest! Jessica won't eat Shrimp or other seafood to this day.
I am 9 years older than my youngest sister, Jessica, she looks like me, in that she's got blonde hair, which is her natural hair color and blue eyes.
I am 8 years older than my middle sister, Emily, I've always called her Jemily or Jemmy. She's our brunette Beauty, she has beautiful brown eyes and always had silky long brown hair, she looks the most like our beautiful brunette Mother.
When Jessica was diagnosed, and during each surgery I was angry, scared and worried beyond belief.
It was my duty and responsiblity as the oldest sister to be one that got the illnesses and pain, I was suppose to be the one who had to die, if necessary.
I didn't know why my sister had to go through this.
I have never thought she was broken. I could never imagined how this was going to change her life, forever.
I prayed more than once, for a way that I could be the one to have the cancer, just so she wouldn't have to be in so much pain. I also prayed continually that she would survive.
It hurt so much to see her suffer, I would have done anything so that she didn't have to hurt. I wished I could yell at the people that she had looked to as friends, that began to treat her differently.
I have never wanted any of my siblings to be in pain. When we were younger, and they would get in trouble, I would go to my room, and cry for them, when they'd get spanked. I'd always try to get the to stop crying.
I am so grateful that she is a survivor, that she is a fighter, that she is amazing. She is so strong, and so brave!
Both of my sister are! They have no idea how much I pale in comparison. They are both so faithful and fearless. They both are so amazingly beautiful and talented. They both have the most beautiful children. They are such incredible examples to me on nearly everything.
I am so incredibly blessed to have these beautiful women in my family. They are the best of my friends, and have been for 31 and 32 years.
I miss them so much. I miss the giggle fits. I miss being Girls with them. I hope they both know how much I love them, and how much their friendship and sistership (I just made that word up) means to me.
Iif I made you cry, I'll appologize, but now my work here is done, for that was my intention.
I love you, Jem & Jess!


Jessica G. said...

Good thing I wasn't wearing mascara...
Thanks, Lyn! I really needed to hear these things today.
I love you!

Emily said...

I am now going to go listen to Men at Work, playing it as loud as I can and use the couch pillows as drums and a wooden spoon for a mic....

Jessica G. said...

And you forgot to mention that along with your special hamburgers (which I try to duplicate), you also made those awesome pancakes!

Debi said...

What a sweet post! Thanks for sharing that with us. Now I know why Jessie doesn't like shrimp!! :)