Friday, March 28, 2008

My Country Tis of thee.....

So, I was talking to an acquaintance at the World of Mouse the other day. This person's political leanings are allegedly towards the Republican/Conservative view. But I have found a very serious rift in this particular person's arguments. We were conversing, as we have in the past, about the dilemma of the current status of the up and coming political season, well its well into the season coming on over a full year.
(Cue orchestra...)
I was eager at the beginning of the season at the prospect of a man electing into the prestigious office of President of the United States of America, a Man of integrity, patriotic strength and wisdom, with the backbone to fight for the foundation on which it was found. I was very pleased at the opportunity to have a new choice, a clean start, a new beginning. I was looking forward to listening to debates, hoping the candidate of my choice would always elect to take the high-road, the righteous path(Stop the Orchestra!)
....but alas *** sigh ***....He's not running any longer....Whatever that was all about....Suspending the Race....GET BACK IN!!!!
But there is one point, one topic, one stance that I find should be a solid one if one is to call themselves a Republican/Conservative...okay there are many...but one that I have a big disagreement with this fellow "Republican" at the World of Mouse, Immigration/English Speaking in the United States of America.
This is entirely MY opinion and one I feel rather strongly about.
We should NOT allow people of any nationality to remain in this country, if they are here illegally. They should be enticed or forced to leave the country, but then return, should they chose, through the Legal and Proper channels. I am certain if they were able to find employment and gather references (ie; friends, employers), while they were in this country working illegally, those people would perhaps sponsor them to return LEGALLY. If they are so desperate to be in this country, to partake in opportunities that they can find here, they can do so, legally.
Once in this country they should be encouraged to learn enough ENGLISH to conduct business whether personal or in their employment.
If I were to move to Italy, or Spain, or even Luxembourg, I would be expected by that countries government and citizenry to LEARN their language, so that I can communicate, and be productive.
Why is OUR country is made to be the Bully when we would require the SAME RESPECT? Why are our government officials, senators, congressmen, governors so consumed with people "liking" us, who's approval do we need? Why do the "celebrities", and government, individuals that WE THE PEOPLE elect, or determine through patronage of music,film or other avenues of entertainment, whether they be successful or not, tell us we are ignorant, or even Evil if we are Patriotic and want to PRESERVE our Country's sovereignty?
Yes, our country was founded by many different cultures, and many different languages have been used to create the language ENGLISH, which we speak.
My fellow Mouse worker, who's family is from Puerto Rico, a United States Territory, does not feel this way. He feels that the United States of America should have signs posted in every language of the world, to make it convenient for others to get about. That every American should be required to learn other languages, primarily Spanish. Not only is that impratical, although Many Americans do CHOOSE to learn other languages, but it is not a Requirement for productive living in AMERICA, nor should it be! I try to point out the excessive expense in signage, wasted monies spent on a task that would be too TAXING, and where monies would be better spent on National Defense and perhaps an ENGLISH Language class for all
non-ENGLISH speaking LEGAL Immigrants.
He was snarky to point out that perhaps my ancestors may have also had to Immigrate to this country. I assured him they did, but they were able to speak ENGLISH before or soon thereafter. He wanted to know when my ancestors had arrived in this Glorious country, and I proudly announced that My Ancestors have been in this Righteous Country since BEFORE the Revolutionary war. He dismissed this as being of no value,
because his retort to me was "what about the Current Revolutionary War." WHAT?
I quickly bit my lip, and excused my self from his presence.
Cause I needed an Industrial Size roll of Duct Tape!
But the Revolution that I think he may be mistaking will be the one where the Majority of the LEGAL Americans will revolt against so MANY Illegal Aliens inhabiting a country they have no respect. They disrespect the country they Chose to enter Illegally, they show it in the utter contempt they have for her by remaining an alien in attitude, and even by lack of citizenship. If you respect something you show that respect by abiding by rules, dare I say LAWS, whether it be a person, Religion or Country. You cannot show your respect for something if you disregard the Foundation of that person, Religion or Country as antiquated or out of touch. You cannot love or respect a person, Religion or Country if you fight against it and by doing so you are actually fighting against your own Freedom. How can you say you want freedom, even after you have physically removed yourself from that which was binding, if you do not also mentally, emotionally, throw off that which held you bound ....the tyranny, the oppression, the poverty, of the person, Religion or Country from which you have fled. It is Disrespect that there are floods of Illegal aliens sneaking into our beloved United States of America, likes thieves in the night, and then in broad daylight demand that WE THE PEOPLE conform. They chose THIS Country. Risking their families and in many cases their lives to be here, why not do it the LEGAL way?
The United States of America was once called, and I suppose could still be called, the "Great Melting Pot." A melting pot....what does that conjure up? A Humongous, Gargantuan,
Cast-Iron Kettle full to the brim with Hot, steamy, aromatic Stew. Bursting with Hearty chunks of Potatoes, Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic, Corn, Carrots, Celery, Peas, Chicken, Beef, Pork, Lamb, etc. All mixed together creating a rich, savory, Fufilling meal. Each ingredient enhancing the others, bringing all the individual flavors out, but mingling in a pleasing, very tasty way to satisfy, and benefit all who CHOOSE to partake. You don't lose the individual flavors of the ingredients, they each retain their best and most beneficial qualities.
I hope my fellow World of Mouse worker, will learn, because he is a young person, to respect, and savor the country that he calls home.
I love this country, and it causes me great distress to see it disrespected so meanly. Our Country is worth so much more than we are aware. The very foundation inspired by Men and Women, who Loved and Respected God, who loved and respected families and who loved and respected Freedom. Those men and women prayed, fought, demanded and even died for its endurance, and for respect for that Freedom. They also saw the potential of this country to be a haven for others, but through the LEGAL Way. There are many who still feel as strong. I know I do.


Jessica G. said...

This is a topic I feel strongly about, as well. Too many people - old and young, legal and illegal - seem to harbor a sense of "entitlement" that they "deserve" everything without working for it.

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