Monday, September 24, 2007

My Utopian Society

In My Utopian society, there would be peace. Not as the world sees peace but how God plans peace. People would respect each other, show kindness without wondering how being nice to other people will benefit them. They would be kind because they want to be. They will give freely of themselves and their substances. They won't feel that they are judged on their out ward appearances. They are regarded as worthy due to their acts and how they treat others. Citizens of My Isla Ankh would feel free to worship how they please. They would be given the complete Gospel truths as taught by Jesus Christ, Jehovah, Muhammad, Budda, which ever name they wish to call God, and then they would be free to choose how they worship. Because in the end all beliefs will know the truth and we will all completely understand how we came to this place, why we are here, and fully understand the tasks we are to accomplish while living in our Isla Ankh. There will be strict guidelines for what happens with basic laws are violated. There will be no hesitation in the application of punishment. All Citizens will be given Free Will, they will be able to choose for themselves how to govern their own lives, but they will also be subject to the consequences if their actions are not according to the laws of Isla Ankh. There will be music, art, literature, poetry, sculpture, architecture, all aspects of the Humanities. The cities will be beautiful sanctuaries, for learning, for governing, for religious expression. The citizens will all be employed in whatever they choose. They will work for their daily sustanance. They will be paid fairly by their employer. There may be distinction in what people are paid, but according to their skill, knowledge and experience level. They will be encouraged from the earliest age to learn as much as possible, to achieve as high of accolades as they desire. If a person chooses not to work, they will not be given hand outs. If they are unable to work because of disability, they will have help in finding something they can do, something that helps them feel that they benefit society rather than hinder. If a person doesn't work because of sheer laziness, they will not be allowed the same benefits as the productive members of society. Everyone will be given the opportunity to find work, and it will be up to the employee to take responsibility for their livelihood, if their employer finds that they are slacking off or are hindering the efforts of the employer, they can be dismissed. Children will be taught to work, and given tasks to complete at a very early age. They will be able to experience play and development as necessary. They will be raised by their mothers and fathers. Since marriage and family will be a major influence, goal and source of happiness and joy for each citizen. The goals of the society will be one of Beauty, Happiness, Spiritual Development, Knowledge and Freedom.
But I am too much of a realist to know that a society like this could never be. There is too much anger, dissatisfaction, frustration. There is a sad lack of understanding, cooperation, and respect for others and for ones self. Some day perhaps, we silly humans, will realize our full potential and humble ourselves to our Real Reality, and find our way back to how we are suppose to behave. So for now my Isla Ankh will remain a fantasy world, for me to develop and nurture in my mind.

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Jessica G. said...

So are you going to do National Novel Writing Month with your Isle Ankh?