Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Problems in Politics

So, regardless of what your political leanings, you have to admit there are SERIOUS problems with our current government namely the PEOPLE RUNNING IT.
From the huge war in Iraq and Afghanistan, to "global" warming, to Taxes, to Gas prices, to Immorality of our elected officials, to the constant bickering of the 2 large governing bodies. There is all this talk of being a government OF the people. But I think they only listen to themselves. Because if the Government actually Listened to US, the PEOPLE there would be alot of thing happening Differently in our Government. There would not be so much wasted time, bickering about who is a bigger Homophobe, or who is more Patriotic or who is actually a Communist, or Socialist. We would probably have MUCH lower Taxes....perhaps even a FLAT tax, there by elimenating the pesky IRS. There would be a CAR or other vehicle that actually ran on WATER or Garbage, because the private sector would have the monies available to them to afford to create inventions, rather that spending all their money on paying Taxes! IF they actually listened to us, the War in Iraq and Afghanistan would be funded, with out the name calling and mean spiritedness that is in Congress. There would be an better understanding of what our goals are, who our enemy is and our military would have no question as to where We as a People stood. If they listened to us, we would NOT remove the word God or image of God from our document, our building and our lives. The public displays of Godly works, such as the Ten Commandments, and the Constitution would not be so wantonly abused. We could celebrate CHRIST MAS and do so as a country. We would be encouraged by our Government leaders to Pray, to honor and to worship how we chose. We could conduct our individual lives how we saw fit, without the Government telling us what we can and cannot do, no Legislation would be made regulating what we eat, drink.
Listening to the current plethora of people running for President, which will be decided next year I have been asking myself the following: Who is the person that isn't already corrupted by Years upon years in the government? Who has the morality and courage to stand up for what is best for this country? Who has the intelligence and humility to listen to We the people? Who is going to best represent our family values and desires? I have not been able to listen to the "debates" yet, but have listened to the news and read articles on the web, I have my idea of who I'd like to see in the Presidency, but would that person actually be the best choice?
I just know there could be more done to better the country as a whole, not just the Few.
I think perhaps this is probably my most disjointed entry, but these have been some thoughts that I've had for a while and feeling powerless and silent, this is my way of being able to voice my opinion. For whatever that is worth. Maybe next time I spew forth it will be comical or even interesting.

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Jessica G. said...

I think a lot of the country's problems might not be such an issue of we got rid of the ACLU.