Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My Recent Absence

Hello To all,
I know that I haven't submitted a posting for a while, well for nearly 2 months. I have been recently re-hired by Mickey Mouse, and have been in classes and training for my position. I work as a front desk hostess for the Port Orleans Resort. I am enjoying my job, and truely do enjoy meeting people from all over the world. Its great fun for me and will surely provide a plethora of topics from which to write.
My Dear Step-Child returned from her summer with her Mother, and proceeded to break her wrist on a roller skating outing with a friend of hers, and has been home from school for nearly a full week. But now has her permanent cast on and is able to attend school, which is a good thing, because now she will shower and use deodorant daily, instead of whenever she starts to smell her own precious odor. Not believing My Prince Charming or myself when we point out the greenish haze that lingers near where she is.
So I am back, I don't promise to be writing daily but whenever I get the urge.
So long till next time!

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Jessica G. said...

WOooHoooo!!! Lynnie is back! Glad to see some new posts!