Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Adventure of "New Pooh for the Yellow T.A.R.D.I.S

So Yesterday I had a Me day. It was my day off, so it was legitimate. As a cast member of the World of Mouse I am allotted days off, from dealing with the midnight guests that inhabit our resort. They are a joy, beyond measure. But I digress.
I decided to do a Me day. Where I indulge my meness. I went to the movies. As I am blessed to live with My Prince Charming and The Girl, they do not share my pleasure in watching a good Chick Flick. There were some movies recently released that are quintessential Chick Flick fodder.
So I went to the Island that was once Pleasureable and partook in the cinematic phenomena that are movies.
But before my said adventure I made a brief foray in to the land that is the "Big Mart". I purchased sustenance that would carry me through my Chick flick viewing in proper Chick style. As the movie that I was to see began at 11:00am, I needed my morning repast, which the fabulously, dangerous McD's supplied.
Big Mart provided me with my ample supply of CHOCOLATE. I don't mean just any whimpy everyday sad sack Milk Chocolate, I went big guns and got DARK CHOCOLATE. Some Yummy Granola and Dark Chocolate Cookies...kinda of a symphony of goodness and indulgence in a crispy, sweet, yet good for you, circle of heaven. (My favorite cookie is a nice nutty Oatmeal and raisin case the question arrises)
Then I found another piece of evidence that God Loves the form of Dark Chocolate Peanut M&M's. It is a fact, cause I looked it up, that Peanut M&M's are on the GOOD list of the Glycemic Index. So the fact that these glorious orbs of joy are made with DARK chocolate make them even better for me.

So off I went to the World of Mouse, Previously Pleasureable Island, where resides the behemouth that houses 24 screen of Silver Screen Magic. I purchased my ticket for the adorable movie "UP", which began at 11:00am.
I totally want a talking dog named Doug and a beautiful exotice female bird named Kevin. The delightful combination that is Pixar along with the pixie dust laden talented Mouse, has a wonder way of combining and bitter sweet love story, where the elements of sadness and joy are spiralled with the delight and whimsy that has made my Mousey employer famous.
I really liked this movie.
Then I made my way to the movie that I truely wanted to see, based on a Blog of all things.
I remember the day in 2004 when Julia Child, that maven of all good cooking passed on to do a perfect omelet for our Heavenly Father. I remember as a young girl watching on Saturday mornings with my mom this quirky, silly lady creating such beautiful food. It is her influence, and my mother's help that have helped me to love cooking. I am not a gourmand, by any stretch, but I can make a pretty amazing Chocolate Soufle, I love cookbooks and can sit and read a cook book like other people read a novel.

My Prince Charming has been the welcome recipient of many a delightful dining experience.
The movie was very charming and sweet. A love story, a story of passion, perserverance. Yes, it involved a story of France, but as a country the place can't be that bad, if they cook like that...right. I mean the whole socialist thing......okay that's not a great element.
I really enjoyed the movie.
I had read the book that Paul Prud'homme and Julia Child did called "My Life In France". It was basically Julia Child's entry into the world of gourmet cooking and her inspirations. Her romantic marriage, struggles, and joys. I feel a slight kinship with her, since she married in her thirties, she was unable to have children, and well we both cook really well. Okay she's an accomplished chef, graduating from the actual Cordon Bleu. I had a cooking instructor in High School who went to the Cordon Bleu, would that count?

Enough...I am not Julia Child...but I do still admire her, and enjoyed the movie of her life.
So, after I left the movie theater I went in search of a new tee shirt. My Prince Charming made a comment to me the other day, when I was dressed in my less than normally elegant attire, that the tee shirt I was wearing was rather worn and nasty, and "honey, we have do have enough gold, where in you can go purchase a new more appealing tee shirt, one that is that's not so nasty or stained so horribly." So I heeded the sweet plea/cry of my Prince Charming. I went to a shop in Downtown of the World of Mouse, and entered a shop where they sell all manner of items that depict one of my favorite characters of the World of Mouse....Winnie the Pooh.
I found a new teeshirt, in a smaller size that I used to wear, YES! a Pooh pen, where Winnie is dressed as a bee and flies around the end of your pen, while attached to a chain....okay so you have to twirl the pen, but its cute. And I got a new foam Winnie the Pooh head to put on my Yellow T.A.R.D.I.S.
Yes I have a Yellow T.A.R.D.I.S!
A TARDIS is a Time and Relative Dimension in Space.
It is a vehicle which in I travel to my various locales, thoroughout my realm. I can also travel through space and time on nary a whim.
On the antennae of my TARDIS I had a Winnie the Pooh foam head, it got faded and during our last rain blasting, it was permanently dislodged. So I now have new Pooh, because my Old Pooh was washed off.

And that was my day of ME......till next time....Eat CHOCOLATE


Tipi said...

no, eat dark chocolate! ;)

Jessica G. said...

You pooh'd on your car.

(and we love Doug, too.)

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