Monday, August 17, 2009

Rant #1 - National Health Care, I don't like it!

Its been a while since I last posted something, nearly thought I had to create a new blog, since Google and blogspot didn't recognize me for a few seconds, or so it seems. But thank goodness I'm still active.

I get to go for a walk everyday that I work, for at the very least 45 minutes. I enjoy this rather immensely, because I can work out some frustrations, think things through. This includes having imaginary arguments with my wonderfully amazing Prince Charming, discussions I would love to have with my managers at the World of Mouse, lectures I need to give to The Girl, things like that. I also get to work out things that are prominent in the news, in politics, in our country, in the world.
Today I have had several things that have caused considerable contemplation and have bubbled to the surface and I feel the need and have the opportunity to blog about.

Rant #1

This whole country's argument recently has been about the proposed Health Care bill that congress, and the president of these United States, have not completely read nor seem to completely understand. I have read many articles, listened to many theories, and opinions. I am now convinced the solution to this whole mess would be to go back to the system that doctors and hospitals used way, way back when medicines and health was first a consideration. Not quite so far back as in the days of Noah. But that is always a possibility. I am talking about the time when men and women would become an apprentice to someone who knew the arts of applying medicines, created by natural means, and help others feel better, when something ailed them.
Or maybe more recently where men and women would attend college courses and learn the applications of medicines, and the healing arts. Then they would become licensed and open a medical office and tend to ill and hurt people. They would take cash payments, they would bargain for services rendered, like a bushel of corn, oats, a couple of chickens, for seeing to people who could afford to pay, or provide a barter of sorts. The states would license the doctors. Hospitals would be cooperatives of doctors, a collective of specialties, perhaps run privately by individuals, charities or even religion sects. The national government would have no say in who could see to which patients.
If someone could not afford to pay for a doctor, then sorry they can't get service.
If you are pregnant and a healthy woman, and listen to your initial doctor visit, where you learn the steps you need to take to be healthy, such as not smoking, not drinking alcohol, not going on a white water rafting trip, horseback riding, prolonged exposure to sun, eating a sensible diet, (I am sure there is more). If those steps are followed then a pregnancy can be seen to by a midwife, where again that service would be cash based, or barter system.
If you go to the Doctor and they tell you specific things to do to become healthy, like eating a diet with vegetables, grains, fruits and little red meat, and low fat, and exercising and you don't follow this common sense, they you don't get to sue the doctor if you get sick or sicker.
The majority of the malpractice suits should really be thrown out and Doctors should be able to concentrate on treating patients.
If you agree to a treatment, and all of the facts are layed out for you in the beginning of the treatment and things go wrong, unless gross negligence is proven, then you shouldn't be able to sue a doctor. However if you don't agree with the diagnosis that a doctor gives you, and you are able to afford and find another doctor you should be able to get another opinion. If you know something is bad for you, like smoking tobacco can cause cancer. You should not be able to sue the manufacturers of cigarrettes, or growers of tobacco for you getting cancer.
Or if you know that using a particular drug, prescribed or otherwise in an inappropriate manner or if you disregard how to use a particular drug prescribed by a doctor and you get high and kill someone or hurt someone, you or your family should not be able to sue the doctor for your inability to follow the rules.

But since it is not likely that our nation's health care system is going to go to that extreme, perhaps reviewing the current insurance system and fixing the complications that are causing the most problem could be looked at. Regulations by the insurance companies should be revamped, and streamlined, giving the doctor and the patient more freedom in the kind of treatment options that are available. If doctors and other health care professionals are allowed the freedom to treat their patients to the best of their knowledge, they should be able to do so.

I do not like the idea of a national health care policy for everyone.

I particularly do not like the idea of cutting off health care for people that reach a certain age, where it is assumed they have not further worth, that their lives are not valuable.

I do not want my parents at their ages worried that if they are hurt or sick that they are going to be pushed aside, given pain killers and a scooter and left to live out their "remaining" years wallowing in pain.
I am positive that my parents have the ability to have a long active life, well beyond their 70's. If they happen to slip and fall and need a knee replacement or hip surgery or back surgery, or whatever I don't want to see them pushed aside because our President and Congress or some Health Care Czar has decided because they are 79, they have passed their "worth fullness".
If they have the ability and we, their children have the ability to carry them on our insurance policies or we are able to afford private health care insurance for them in their behalf, this should be something we should be allowed, because we choose.

I do not like the idea of the President, Congress or a Health Care Czar telling me what I can and can not do with my body.

I am not all all comfortable with the direction I see our country heading.

And with that I come to the next topic of my Rant.

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